What Are the Disadvantages of Mazda 2

The Latest Nissan X-Trail Has an e-Power Hybrid Engine, 201 Hp Power! The advantages and disadvantages of the Hyundai Stargazer, deserve to be in the spotlight! The Latest Nissan X-Trail Has an e-Power Hybrid Engine, 201 Hp Power! The Latest Nissan X-Trail Has an e-Power Hybrid Engine, 201 Hp Power! The advantages and disadvantages of the Hyundai Stargazer, deserve to be in the spotlight! Take a peek at the Smart Fortwo Specifications, Cabe Rawit's Tiny Car! Test Drive Mitsubishi Triton Ultimate 4×4 AT: Perfect for a Hobby Car, Here! Trying to Sit in the Second Row Seat of the New Mazda CX-8, Feels Like a VIP Passenger! Red Date September 2022 Zero, I want a road trip to take a leave, here! Electric Car Audio Modification Packages at GIIAS 2022, Some are IDR 40 Million! Tips for Choosing the Right Diesel Engine Oil, Don't Just Buy It! Mazda2 is one of the hatchback type cars that is quite in demand by consumers in Indonesia. This car has a sporty appearance, agile performance, as well as advanced and complete features. However, like any other car in general, the Mazda2 has a few ailments to be aware of. Mazda2 is known as a hatchback that is quite fun to drive when driving because it has a weight of 1,025 kg and an engine power of 108 hp which makes the car have a good power to weight ratio. In addition, Mazda2 also has good handling thanks to increased features. Plus, this car is equipped with a paddle shift that can provide a more sporty driving feeling for the driver. Not only that, the Mazda2 managed to get a star rating for its safety features based on an assessment from the Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

There is no difference from the exterior and interior design of the two, except for the features.

Thus, the car is considered to have superior safety features when compared to cars in its class. Mazda2 is offered in two different types, namely R and GT. There is no difference from the exterior and interior design of the two, except for the features. For those who are curious about the price of the Mazda2, this car starts at IDR 308.8 million On The Road (OTR) Jakarta based on the official Mazda Indonesia website. The price of this car is still additional if Carmudian chooses Soul Red and Machine Gray Metallic colors. Mazda2 offers five color options that can be selected according to consumer preferences, namely Snowflake White Pearl Mica, Aluminum Metallic, Jet Black Mica, and Machine Gray Metallic and Soul Red.

For the record, these prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Despite having several advantages, Mazda2 still does not escape the disease. Carmudi has summarized several Mazda2 diseases that were reported from various sources. Like urban hatchbacks which generally have compact dimensions, the Mazda2 has a problem with trunk space. The trunk capacity of the car is recorded at only 280 liters. Mazda2 trunk is considered narrow. When compared to its competitor which is no longer sold in Indonesia, the Honda Jazz, the Mazda2's luggage capacity is smaller. Jazz has a luggage capacity of 326 liters. In terms of dimensions, the Mazda2 measures 4,065 mm in length, 1,695 mm in width and 1,495 mm in height.

Mazda2 cabin space does feel quite spacious for passengers, but the luggage space is not too roomy, especially for loading large items. If the user of this car wants to expand the luggage space, the back seat of the car can be folded. The luggage capacity can reach about 800 liters. As previously noted, the Mazda2 is offered starting at IDR 308.8 million. When compared to its competitors, the price of this car is more expensive. Competitors such as the Toyota Yaris sold for Rp. 248.3 million for the lowest type, and the Honda Jazz where when the car was still sold in Indonesia, the price was under Rp. 300 million for the lowest type. However, this is considered reasonable because the Mazda2 has advantages that its competitors do not have, such as its features. The car has been embedded with various advanced features that are packaged in the i-Activesense package. Its features consist of smart city brake support, BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) system, rear cross traffic alert system, AND i-stop which is an idling system for car engines. There is also a new Mazda Regenerative Braking System/i-ELOOP feature. These features make the Mazda2 superior to the Honda Jazz. But unfortunately for the quality of the Mazda2 silencer, it is not good. This is another disease that exists in the car. Known as one of the luxury brands, Mazda also has problems with after-sales service.

When compared to other brands such as Honda and Toyota, Mazda's service workshops are relatively few, while Honda and Toyota already have many authorized workshops and dealers so that car maintenance is easy. Mazda's official workshops are not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, so Mazda car owners, including Mazda2, are quite difficult when it comes to servicing their cars. Another disease on the Mazda2 is to have a rather hard slam on the suspension system. Mazda2 has MacPherson Strut type suspension at the front and Torsion Beam Axle at the rear. This car has a handling that is said to be perfect and this is judged to make the suspension slam a bit hard. Therefore, Mazda2 users cannot feel comfortable when driving on uneven or bumpy road terrain, including when passing speed bumps. Mazda2 was first present in Indonesia in 2009. The latest Mazda2 is also presented with a more modern design than the previous model. For the engine, the Mazda2 has been embedded with a 1,496 cc, 4 cylinder engine that can produce 108 hp and 144 Nm of torque. Interestingly, the machine is embedded with the i-Stop feature which can turn off the machine temporarily when passing through a traffic jam. To turn it back on, the driver simply steps on the gas pedal. This car carries Mazda's typical Kodo design which has a dynamic concept. Mazda2 has also used the technology of combining the type of satellite dish and projector with LED lamps and LED DR. These lights make the front view of the Mazda2 seem elegant and attractive, and can provide maximum lighting when driving at night.

In addition, there are also fog lamps or fog lamps designed with a teardrop silhouette. These lights are combined with a sporty and aerodynamic bumper shape. At the stern, a stop lamp is pinned that relies on rear combination lamps technology and there are rear lights with a horizontal shape that extends to the trunk door so it looks sporty. Entering the interior, Mazda2 has a luxurious and elegant dashboard and cabin design. The car has been pinned to a speedometer panel whose design seems to be racing. The panel is divided into three main clusters. In the middle, the maximum speed indicator is pinned, then on the right panel, there is an indicator indicating the mileage and remaining fuel, and on the left, a trip meter is displayed. On the other hand, the Mazda2 offers the convenience of controlling the transmission by using the plus and minus buttons behind the steering wheel.

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With the paddle shift, the driver can still concentrate while driving. In addition, Mazda2 is equipped with various advanced features such as Aux In and USB Connector that can be connected to iPod devices, as well as Climate Control AC. For safety features, there is SkyActiv Body technology made from ultrahigh-tensile steel which serves to protect the driver and passengers from hard impacts in the event of a collision. Not to forget, the Mazda 2 is also equipped with Dual SRS Airbags, 3-point Seatbelts for All Seating Positions, ISOFIX child-seat anchors, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Traction Control System (TCS), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) System, and Hill Launch Assist (HLA). There are also features Power Door Locks, Immobilizer, Burglar Alarm, One-touch Auto Open/Close, and Rear Parking Sensors. Want to Buy the Latest Mazda2? The Latest Nissan X-Trail Has an e-Power Hybrid Engine, 201 Hp Power! The advantages and disadvantages of the Hyundai Stargazer, deserve to be in the spotlight!

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