What are the steps to check for repairing a broken car?

Have you ever experienced a car breaking down suddenly on the road or highway? Of course, the first thing you feel is panic because you don't know what causes and triggers the car you are driving suddenly breaks down on the road, especially if you don't understand the vehicle engine. A car that breaks down or has a dead engine is the most common disturbance experienced by car drivers. So you should at least understand what causes the car to break down and can't be started again. In the following, Qoala will discuss the things that cause the car to break down and what to do to overcome if the car is in a complete breakdown state. The cause of the car dying suddenly is not just a matter of running out of fuel as many people think. Finally the question arises, why the car can break down? Well, actually, the car broke down due to anything, huh? Cars can break down suddenly for various reasons, and each cause or problem that arises can also occur due to various factors. So that you no longer consider this a nightmare, first identify some of the causes of the car breaking down. List of Surabaya Used Car Showrooms, Check it Out! Must Know! What is a Car Towing Service and its Types? Here's How Electric Cars Work, Environmentally Friendly! What causes a broken car that won't start? The battery acts as an energy center that will determine the ignition or life of the car, so its function is very important. Therefore, the battery is one of the first parts to be checked when the car suddenly dies apart from the fuel indicator. Because, there is a possibility of problems that occur in the car battery so that it interferes with engine performance.

Most likely the battery has a problem with a loose cable at the plus or minus terminal, then the battery life has expired. Therefore, it is also important for you to choose a qualified car battery, just like in other vehicles, for example the best motorcycle battery. A battery that has worn out or is not suitable for use because of its expired service life and continues to be used will trigger problems in other components that make the car unable to run normally. Make sure first whether your car broke down because it was caused by a problem with the battery, by checking the dashboard of the car and then checking the battery terminal.

This section is often overlooked because it is only used when you are turning on or off the car.

So you can find out if you need to tighten the cables on the battery terminals or need to replace with a new battery. You can also visit an official repair shop as a solution for how to install the correct and proper car battery. How to Patch Tubeless Tires at Home, Save and Cheap! An automatic car engine that suddenly turns off and cannot be turned back on could be due to damage or wear on the starter switch or starter button. This section is often overlooked because it is only used when you are turning on or off the car. But of course, as one of the important components this button can affect whether or not your car turns on or not.

Switch or starter dynamo can experience problems caused by age or unfriendly usage. Then the cables are stretched due to shocks while driving or wear on the metal contractor plus minus which makes the electric current not connected properly. Although it is rarely damaged, you should still be thorough and thorough in caring for the car, don't ignore or miss small but vital parts such as the starter switch. So even though your car is old enough, if it is cared for properly, it is less likely that you will experience problems such as a car breaking down. A car that suddenly starts suddenly can also be caused by a problem with the alternator.

The alternator is the part of the car that supplies or delivers electricity to the battery. So if this part is damaged, it is certain that the battery will not be able to function normally and the car will not start. Some of the problems that may occur in the alternator that cause the car to break down include broken copper wire coils, broken diodes or corroded cables, age of the alternator that is old or more than five years old, as well as modifications made to the car and quite burdensome on electricity, for example, installing lights. and audio overload. So, how to detect a problem with the alternator? You can attach the distributor cable to the car body while trying to start the car. If there is no spark, it means that there is a problem with the alternator. Electricity that does not function optimally can be a serious problem in the car if it is not noticed, don't forget to pay attention to the condition of the car's alternator. What and why are other causes of sudden car breakdowns? Well, an engine that is too hot or overheating can also be the cause of the car breaking down, usually you will experience a condition where the car can turn on for a while and then die again. Overheat conditions that cause a car to break down are generally caused by a lack of radiator water or even running out which can be caused by a leak or forgetting to fill it.

While the water in the radiator functions as a coolant that is useful for maintaining the engine temperature so as not to overheat. Overheating in a car engine can be fatal, such as a piston that can melt and cause its function to decrease or stop. If your car is experiencing this condition, you should wait until the engine cools down first before dealing with it. If after you solve it, it turns out that there are still problems, you should take it to the nearest authorized car repair shop so that it can be handled properly. Because, who knows, it turns out that the problem is in another part of the radiator, such as the hose or the cooling system. The last cause of the car breaking down is a problem that occurs in the carburetor of the car. If you experience problems when starting the car, it could be that the fuel line is problematic so that the amount that enters is too little. This can result in the combustion process will not run perfectly and the engine will be difficult to start.

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