What are the ways to get to this PIK Mangrove Forest?

Friends of deCODE, of course, when you read or hear the word Jakarta, you will immediately imagine how hot and arid our capital is, right? Well, there is a green area in Jakarta that you can visit. Namely, the PIK Mangrove Forest (Pantai Indah Kapuk) which is right north of Jakarta. Maybe some of you have heard of or seen this place before. The reason, this place was famous because it was often used as a spot to take pictures. Not only that, in this Mangrove Forest, you can enjoy the green mangrove forest area which is still cool and beautiful. This Mangrove Forest can also be the perfect escape for those of you who are busy with work and the chaotic city of Jakarta only by paying an entrance ticket of Rp. Guaranteed, for those of you who come here, office problems, romance, or so on will disappear for a moment, replaced by views of mangrove trees that can spoil the eyes. Friends of deCODE, we have summarized 5 cool and suitable activities for you when you visit this place. Let's check it out! Surely you rarely find a green and cool atmosphere in Jakarta, other than in the City Park? So if you are traveling to this Mangrove Forest, it is obligatory to capture the moment by taking selfies with relatives or loved ones. There are many favorite spots that you can try here, for example; in alleyways along mangrove-covered forests, in fronts of inn huts or on the shores of lakes. For those of you who have a hobby of taking photos along with complete camera equipment such as DSLRs or other professional cameras, you have to spend more and can be said to be very expensive. If you want to bring a DSLR, you will be charged a fine of IDR 1,000,000 because this forest only allows visitors to take pictures using cellphone cameras.

350,000 for eight passengers.

Well, another exciting activity that you can try in this Mangrove Forest is taking a boat around the mangrove forest area. You can rent a boat that has been provided by the manager in this Mangrove Forest, friends of deCODE! Of course, to be able to ride this boat, you need to spend quite a bit, because one boat costs around Rp. 250,000 for six passengers, and Rp. 350,000 for eight passengers. Sure, the money you pay will be paid off or really worth it. Comparable to the natural beauty when you walk through the thick mangroves in this Mangrove Forest area. For those of you who are curious and want to learn about how to plant mangroves, here the manager provides a kind of short course, in this short course you will be taught the process of planting mangroves, caring for them and so on about mangroves.

Oh yeah, for those of you who want to put your name in this Mangrove Forest area, you must pay Rp.

You only need to pay Rp. 150,000 for each learning process. It's rare in Jakarta to have a place like this, both tourism and education. Oh yeah, for those of you who want to put your name in this Mangrove Forest area, you must pay Rp. 500,000 and your name will be immediately displayed using a wood with your name written on it. This Mangrove Forest area is near the beach, of course you can enjoy the sunset or the sinking of the dawn. Did you know that in order to enjoy it more clearly, you can go up to the tower in one corner of the forest. In addition to seeing the sunset, you can also enjoy the lush mangrove forest from above, more beautiful with white birds flying here and there among the mangrove trees. The best time to come to PIK Mangrove Forest is in the afternoon.

3,500 for one way and can change corridors.

Because in the afternoon this place is cool not hot like during the day and so you can enjoy the sunset. For those of you who are not satisfied to explore this Mangrove Forest in a day and want to try the sensation of spending the night here, that's okay, friends of deCODE! Because here there are small cottages along the Mangrove Forest area, in addition to cottages there are also villas and camping ground which of course have different price ranges. You can choose according to your financial condition. You will get a special sensation when you have spent the night in this PIK forest area! Staying at the PIK Mangrove Forest can be the right moment to just chat with hot topics with your partner or friends. What are the ways to get to the PIK Mangrove Forest? PIK Mangrove Forest is located on Jalan Garden House, RT.8/RW.1, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, North Jakarta City. Transjakarta is quite cheap, because you only have to pay Rp. 3,500 for one way and can change corridors. To arrive at the PIK mangrove forest, you have to take Transjakarta corridor 9A with the direction of Pinang Ranti - Pluit and get off at the Pluit Village Mall stop. After that you have to connect with the red public transportation number B01. This angkot has a Grogol - Angke route.

Still take the straight path until you cross the bridge, you will meet Pizza Hut.

You can get off at the gate of Pantai Indah Kapuk, and just walk to the entrance to the Mangrove Forest area. From Blok M terminal, take the Steady Safe Non AC bus no 37 heading Blok M - Muara Angke. Usually this bus only arrives at Mega Mall Pluit, so you have to connect to the red angkot number 11 and get off at Jalan Mandara. From Jalan Mandara, you can continue your journey with a red angkot that crosses the PIK mangrove forest area. If you don't want to be complicated, it's better to use a private vehicle. There are two alternatives that you can choose to go to the PIK Mangrove Forest. The first is that you can take the inner city toll road and exit at the Pluit toll booth. After meeting with Mega Mall Pluit, just keep walking until you enter Jalan Muara Karang. Still take the straight path until you cross the bridge, you will meet Pizza Hut. Take a left turn and arrive at the Indak Kapuk Beach area. The second option is easier. You can pass the airport toll road and go straight out at the Pantai Indah Kapuk toll gate. It's really fun having a vacation as well as educating mangroves in the Pantai Indah Kapuk Mangrove Forest. Just in one place, you can enjoy all the facilities available here. Be sure to come home from here, you will get new energy and energy to continue your respective activities. DeCODE Friends! Take a walk in the Forest and smell the wild air. Life is about adventures you take and the memories you make!

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