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Want to open a savings account without the hassle? Now there is BTPN Jenius that can understand your wants and needs. To be able to enjoy the facilities and features of this one account, you don't have to bother and spend time queuing at the bank. On this occasion, Qoala wants to explore more deeply what genius BTPN is and why it is suitable for today's young people with myriad financial needs. BTPN Jenius is becoming more and more familiar to many people. Its existence can be a solution for various financial needs with the convenience it offers. BTPN Jenius is a debit card with many features that are not only attractive but also innovative. From the name alone, you can certainly tell that this one debit card was issued by PT Bank BTPN Tbk. In its use, you can take advantage of physical cards and applications that can be installed on smartphones.

39;t forget to enter your email and mobile number that is still active.

In addition to opening a savings account that can be done via a smartphone without the need to come to the nearest bank location, there are other benefits that you can get. You can now manage your finances in a new way by taking advantage of the various features and conveniences available in the Jenius application. How did genius begin to fulfill human wants and needs in this digital age? The digital banking application called Jenius was launched for the first time on August 11, 2016. The launch was carried out after undergoing development within 18 months and getting an investment value of not less than Rp. Jenius is not only connected to the national payment ecosystem but also to the international payment system. This means that you can use the genius card for a wider range of transactions, not only in Indonesia. Want to create a Jenius card but don't know how? Actually, making this one debit card is fairly easy. You only need to prepare personal data with proof of identity such as an ID card. However, make sure you also have a stable internet connection so that the card creation process runs without internet problems. Like smartphone applications in general, genius can be obtained by downloading it and then installing it on a smartphone. Android users can download it on the Play Store while iOS users can download it through the App Store. Because genius is a banking application issued by BTPN, the personal data entered must match the ID card. In addition, don't forget to enter your email and mobile number that is still active. Fill in all the data according to the request listed on the cellphone screen and follow each step.

Or you can also come to the nearest BTPN Jenius branch office.

Your efforts to get a genius debit card don't just reach the registration stage. In order for the account to be used, you must activate it by choosing one of the following methods. This activation method is the most practical. You only need to make video calls with genius employees through the application. Provide ID cards and supporting documents for identity verification. Unfortunately, the activation process in this way is limited in time, from 8 am to 9 pm only. If you choose the second option, please select the closest type of location to where you live or your current location. Or you can also come to the nearest BTPN Jenius branch office. If you have done the account activation process via video call, the genius will send a debit card to the address that matches the data on your ID card. Delivery times vary. You just have to wait for the card to reach your hand.

You can find it in the Card Center feature in the genius application installed on the smartphone.

You can also do tracking after getting a notification that the card has been sent by the genius. One of the advantages of a genius debit card is that you can use the card with the same functions as a credit card. That way, you can make transactions that require a credit card without having to make a credit card. So that financial activities become more practical and easier if you use three types of genius cards to the maximum. After registration and activation, genius users will get two types of debit cards, namely m-Card and e-Card. M-Card is the main debit card in physical form while e-Card is a virtual debit card. You can find it in the Card Center feature in the genius application installed on the smartphone. Although the physical card is still in the process of being sent, you can already use the e-Card. Like debit cards in general issued by banks, you can use m-Card for various needs. You can use it to make cash withdrawals, payments, or transfers at ATMs or at merchants that work with BTPN Jenius. As a Visa type card, you can also make online and offline payments at all Visa merchants.

Not only transacting with rupiah, you can also choose other currencies such as US dollars, Singapore dollars, etc. To increase the experience of transacting using a debit card, you can take advantage of the existence of a virtual debit card or e-Card from Jenius. So, you can transact online without a credit card at all Visa merchants. After the account in the Jenius application is active, this card can be used immediately as you wish. Then, what is an x-Card? How is it different from the previous two types of cards? As an additional card, x-Card makes it easy for users to manage spending on specific needs including transportation. Because it is a physical debit card, you can use it to make cash withdrawals. With three color choices, namely green, blue, and purple, you can get a card according to your favorite color. Not only that, you can even create up to 3 cards at any time via the Jenius app with your account. One of the x-Cards that you hold can be given to loved ones for certain needs. You can monitor the use of the card through the Card Center which is a feature of the Jenius application. This feature also allows you to change the transaction limit or block the card. Still not interested? Maybe you have to know the features and advantages of Jenius in order to have an interest in using this one banking application.

One of my favorite features in the Jenius app is Flexi Saver.

A number of features that also complement the presence of this application will certainly add to the experience and satisfaction of its users. What are the available features? In saving, you will be more enthusiastic if you can get convenience for all matters related to saving money. Do you prefer savings or deposits? If you want to make sure both are done well, there are some genius savings features that will ensure that all your dreams come true. One of my favorite features in the Jenius app is Flexi Saver. This feature gives users the flexibility to deposit and withdraw money at a higher interest rate than ordinary savings. Flexi Saver is now 3 savings where you can use it even better. You can try it for emergency fund needs, additional income, or other purposes. In addition to savings, deposits are also the choice of many people in terms of saving money. With genius, you can choose time deposits with maximum interest. You can manage deposits via your smartphone with the maxi saver feature in the Jenius app. One of the advantages you can get is the freedom to manage deposits from the application. When the deposit is due, both principal and interest will be added to the active balance automatically. Want to have five savings at once? Saving or saving money is difficult and easy. Not everyone can stray money wisely.

This account can be accessed from the Jenius app.

If you're one of those people who always have reasons to spend money without saving it, try new ways to save money. Yes, you can save automatically with an interest of 2.5 percent per year on all cards by using a dream saver. Savings owners have the freedom to set the nominal savings, deposit period, date of achievement, and the amount of deposit that will be deposited automatically. What convenience do you expect from a savings application? If you want to see the monthly financial history in a genius account, then you can use the Moneytory feature. All transactions are displayed in detail, so you can still control expenses even without having to record them, right? Features that you can enjoy that will support creative ideas in business are business accounts and businesskits. This account can be accessed from the Jenius app. You can activate your new cashtag and business account.

This means everything becomes easier and hassle-free.

However, for Bisniskit, you have to download it first before you can use it. This application provides easy inventory and transactions around business. In addition, you can monitor business developments through this application. Like other savings accounts, BTPN Jenius has its own charm. There are many advantages that will spoil the account holders. Why is BTPN Jenius different from other accounts? If you usually have to deposit some money as an initial deposit, then it's not the case with genius. There is no initial deposit so you can open a savings account at any time, even when you don't have any money. Not all debit cards work as credit cards. Genius debit card can be used as a credit card. This means everything becomes easier and hassle-free. No need to apply for a credit card and no need to worry about your CC application being rejected. New Jenius app users may still not know all the available features, including split bill. In fact, this one feature is an advantage of using BTPN Jenius. With this feature, bills or bills can be shared via smartphones. The calculation of the distribution of the bill will be done automatically. Your application will also track the status of your billing so you know whether the bill has been paid or is still pending. Not all transactions are made using rupiah, right? Jenius really understands the need for foreign currency of its users. In addition to rupiah, there is a choice of foreign currencies that you can adjust to your needs. There are 7 choices of foreign currencies that can be connected to the m-Card. This means that you no longer need to do currency conversions so you can trade right away.

With so many advantages, there are also disadvantages that complement BTPN Jenius. This is also the reason why people are reluctant to move to Jenius. The limitations of BTPN's ATMs are indeed uncomfortable. This affects the transactions that you have to do. If the ATM is only in certain locations, it takes time and energy to come to that location. Genius account makes it easy to top up certain accounts. Unfortunately, the top up fee from this account is expensive. If there is a need for topup, for example to DANA, ShopeePay, or another account, top up at once in large quantities to make it more cost-effective. Even though you have a savings and debit card as well as a credit card, unfortunately you don't have a passbook. Account mutation control can only be done from the application through the features provided. The absence of a passbook may make it difficult for Jenius users in certain circumstances, such as when they need proof or a photocopy of the passbook. Want to invest and transact using foreign exchange? Jenius provides a limited number of foreign exchange options. There are only certain foreign currencies available. Having a BTPN Jenius contact is very important. There will always be a need where the customer must contact the genius. In today's digital era, you may prefer to collect information and contact geniuses through websites. That's why you should know their official website. Make sure to only visit the official website to avoid unwanted things such as scams. Prefer to contact the bank by phone? BTPN Jenius Call center is always ready to help you anytime. You simply press 1500 365 to connect to the call center.

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