What Happens if the Alternator Doesn't Work Well

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The next component is a diode whose job it is to make electric current in one direction.

This section has a function as a place for all components in the regulator. This cover or place has a shape like a hole or circle that functions as a cooling device. The purpose of cooling is so that the alternator does not overheat, damage, and burn while it is working. Usually this part is rarely problematic. Then there is a pulley that has a wheel-like shape with a large size. The wheel will be connected to the belt that serves to turn on the alternator. Pulley is what will rotate when the car engine is running and will move the rotor on the inside. Furthermore, there is a bearing whose job is to become the fulcrum of the rotating end of the rotor coil. Usually the alternator consists of several bearings. Then the most important thing is the IC regulator. This one component has the task of making the voltage generated by the alternator stable and controlled. In addition, its function is to regulate the electric current that enters the rotor coil so that the resulting voltage remains stable. The next component is a diode whose job it is to make electric current in one direction. Usually the electricity generated by the alternator has two-way or alternating properties. The rotor is shaped like a coil whose function is to convert magnetic energy into electricity. The electricity will be processed and distributed to the brushes and diodes. Well, in this section the car's electrical needs will be obtained. Of the components above, it is usually the regulator and rotor IC components that are damaged quickly. The damage also occurs due to age of use and is still in a reasonable category.

39;t cool down is the main feature when the alternator has a problem.

So, what are the characteristics of a car alternator that is starting to have problems? We discuss in detail below, Carmudian. Usually a car air conditioner that suddenly doesn't cool down is the main feature when the alternator has a problem. Car AC requires a large amount of electrical power. When the car's alternator has a problem, the car's air conditioner can't get enough electricity supply. So that when turned on over time the AC will not be cold. If Carmudian feels the car's air conditioner suddenly doesn't cool down, it could be a sign that your alternator is starting to have problems. Immediately check using a voltmeter, yes! Lights that suddenly dim can also be the main characteristic of a problematic car alternator. Try checking the condition of the light when the engine is turned on. If the headlights, fog lamps, and cabin lights look dim when the car's engine is running, it could be that your car's alternator has a problem. If you experience this condition, immediately check the alternator so it doesn't break down on the road. The dim lights are caused by the electricity in the car not getting enough electricity supply, so it becomes less bright. If left unattended, over time the car will die and break down. Another characteristic of a problematic alternator is that the starter or the process of starting the car becomes a little difficult. If the car starter is usually quite new and easy but suddenly becomes a bit long, you should be suspicious.

If the car's alternator starts having problems, the battery is not getting the maximum charge. When the engine is running, the electricity supply is completely removed from the battery because the alternator cannot deliver electricity. Over time the battery becomes worn out and is not strong enough to start the engine. Even if it is in a severe condition, the car can turn off suddenly and the main lights, car air conditioner, and other electrical devices cannot be used. Check immediately using a voltmeter to find out how much voltage the alternator produces. Another characteristic that can be seen from a problematic car alternator can be heard from the slightly rough engine sound. Usually an alternator that starts to break will make a rather noisy and slightly rough sound. The point is the sound is very unusual and sounds quite strange. If you hear a sound, try listening when the engine is running.

Apart from sounding harsh, it can also sound like a squeaky sound. This squeak is often caused by the pulley starting to oscillate with age. If it sounds like a rough, squeaky sound, it's likely that the alternator is starting to have a problem. If this is the case, it should be replaced immediately so that it does not break down on the road. Actually the alternator on the car has a long service life. But sometimes the damage can also be caused by the fault of the car owner itself. One of them is increasing the electrical load on the car. This is one of the causes of the alternator on the car to be damaged. For example, adding audio, fog lights, replacing bulbs that don't meet specifications, and electrical components that suck up a large amount of electric current. This can make the alternator become damaged over time. If you want to make these modifications, you should also replace the alternator with a larger size. If the car's default alternator has a capacity of 70 amperes, it can be replaced with a size of 90 amperes or 100 amperes. But the third is replaced, there will be a custom regarding the alternator bracket or holder which is usually different. Then another cause could also be the alternator exposed to large amounts of water. For example, when the car is forced to pass through puddles or when cleaning the engine room. Try not to pass through a high puddle of water so that the components in the engine room are not damaged quickly. If you want to clean the engine room, you should cover it with a plastic part of the alternator so that it doesn't get exposed to large amounts of water. The last factor that can make the alternator damaged is caused by age. Often found the brush, ic regulator, and the rotor is damaged due to use. Don't worry, the alternator can still be serviced at an affordable cost.

But if you want to buy a new one, the money that must be spent will be a little more expensive. For example, the range of alternator service costs ranges from Rp. 200 thousand to Rp. 350 thousand depending on component damage. But if you buy a new one, the cost is around IDR 900 thousand to IDR 10 million depending on the type of car. After discussing in full the characteristics of the problematic car alternator above, you should be more alert to damage that can occur at any time. The most important thing is to be diligent in honing the feeling when there is a difference in your favorite car. Check out a selection of the best used cars here! List of Car Rentals in Jogja, Great Prices, Here! The Latest Nissan X-Trail Has an e-Power Hybrid Engine, 201 Hp Power! The advantages and disadvantages of the Hyundai Stargazer, deserve to be in the spotlight!

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