What Happens when the Card's Grace Period Expires

Your sim card is burned? Don't know how to activate a dead card? Relax... you can activate it again you know... See how in the following article. Why Simcard Can Be Scorched? How to Reactivate it? Why Simcard Can Be Scorched? How to Reactivate it? The simcard will be forfeited and cannot be used again if it has passed a certain grace period from the card provider. Generally, this will happen because the user does not top up the credit for a long period of time, so that the card's active period is over. It could also be because the card has not been used for a long time, so it is automatically blocked. If that's the case, you as a user will certainly be in trouble, especially if most of your contacts are stored on the card. But don't worry, because you can actually reactivate the charred simcard. But each provider usually provides different requirements to reactivate a card that has been burned, as in the following providers. Also Read: Here Are The 5 Cheapest Internet Packages For You! Many Indonesian people use Card 3, especially for those who live in cities because it offers many services at affordable prices. The first step is that you need to visit the 3 store outlets around where you live. When you go there, you need to bring a card that has been burned and also your personal identity card, namely an Identity Card or Passport. At this 3 store outlet, you can get various help you need, as long as it is related to the provider. Upon arrival, convey your complaint to the customer service on duty.

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Usually the customer service will ask you to fill in your personal data and also fill in your card number which has been forfeited. In addition, there will be several other procedures that you have to go through, but don't worry because the customer service on duty will direct you well. After everything is done, the customer service will process every data and complaint that you have submitted, and you just have to wait. If the process has been completed, then your simcard will be active again so that the number can still be used. It's just that, if you do this, your card will no longer be a prepaid card but will turn into a postpaid card. For XL users, to activate a expired simcard, you can follow these steps. You need to make sure in advance that you have passed the grace period of no more than 60 days or 2 months, because if it has passed then you can no longer activate the card. Visit the nearest XL center outlet, and there you will be served by customer service on duty. Previously, don't forget to bring the charred card, as well as an identity card in the form of an ID card or passport because later you will be asked when you apply for the reactivation process. Submit your complaint to the customer service on duty, and follow every procedure according to the existing provisions.

39;t come back again.

You don't need to be confused about what to do, because when you enter it and file a complaint, the party there will guide you. After completing all the provisions of the procedure, then you just have to wait until the customer service brother finishes activating the number. You need to know, that to reactivate an XL simcard that has been burned, you need to pay Rp. 10 thousand, and you can only do it on XL. Well… for those of you who are busy with many things so you don't have free time to go to the XL center, you can also ask other people to represent you. It's just on condition that the representative brings a power of attorney stamped with 10,000 stamps and also brings your and his original e-KTP. For Telkomsel users, simcards that have been burned cannot be used anymore, but you can create a new simcard with the same number. So the contacts on the card can't come back again. Go to Grapari Telkomsel which is close to your house, usually Grapari Telkomsel will operate from Monday to Saturday.

39;t forget to top up your credit so that the active period can be longer.

Tell your problem to customer service and follow the procedure according to the provisions. For this process, you need to pay Rp. 25 thousand. The new card that you get will also have credit worth the money you paid before. For those of you who use services from other providers, the procedure to reactivate a burned simcard is not much different from the 3 examples above. Although activating a burned simcard is not too complicated, this activity will take up some of your time. For that, always pay attention to the grace period of your card and don't forget to top up your credit so that the active period can be longer. In addition to your simcard's grace period, you need to pay attention to the budget.

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The Finansialku application helps you to pay attention to your monthly budget. Download the Finansialku application on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store as soon as possible. If you are still confused about planning your finances, the video below can help you. Help your friends find out this info by sharing this article. Anita Kusuma. September 11, 2019. How to reactivate a Telkomsel Card that is past the grace period. Peter. November 13, 2019. How to Activate Scorched Card 3. admins. How do I reactivate my Expired Prepaid XL Card? Subscribe now for weekly market prediction analysis, financial planning, as well as stock analysis, mutual funds and other investment products. Possessiveness is a Toxic Trait, Let's Get to Know the Intricacies! Possessiveness is a Toxic Trait, Let's Get to Know the Intricacies! 30 Prayers for the Bride in Islam, Worth a Try! 30 Prayers for the Bride in Islam, Worth a Try! FOMO Is a Risky Condition! Avoid It This Way! FOMO Is a Risky Condition! Avoid It This Way!

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