What is Dewa 19's fan name?

Dewa 19 (better known as band Dewa) is a rock band formed on August 26, 1986 in Surabaya, Indonesia. This group has undergone several personnel changes and the last formation before being disbanded in 2011 was Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (keyboards), Andra Junaidi Ramadhan (guitar), Elfonda Mekel (lead vocals), Yuke Sampurna (bass) and Agung Yudha Asmara (drums).. Released his first album in 1992 under the label Team Records. The group has had success throughout the 1990s with the vocals of Ari Bernardus Lasso and the 2000s with the vocals of Elfonda Mekel. The albums they release almost always get a good reception in the market, even their album released in 2000, Bintang Lima, is one of the best-selling albums in Indonesia with sales of almost 2 million copies. In 2005, Hai magazine named Dewa 19 as the richest band in Indonesia with revenues reaching more than 14 billion a year. In the midst of its success, this group had several legal problems, including copyright infringement and conflicts with Islamic organizations. Throughout his career, Dewa 19 has received many awards, both BASF Awards and AMI Awards. They have also been awarded the LibForAll Award in the United States for their contributions to the cause of peace and religious tolerance.

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In 2008, Dewa 19 was included in the list of "The Immortals: 25 Greatest Indonesian Artists of All Time" by Rolling Stone magazine. Dewa is recognized as one of the greatest legends or icons in the history of Indonesian popular music. Dewa was first formed by four students of SMP Negeri 6 Surabaya. In 1985 the band was named Booster, a year later on August 26, 1986 the name Dewa was born. The name Dewa is an acronym for the four of them: Dhani Ahmad (keyboards, vocals), Erwin Prasetya (bass), Wawan Juniarso (drums), and Andra Junaidi (guitar). 7, which is located in the Airlangga University complex. Dewa who initially appeared with more pop music, then changed direction to jazz after Erwin introduced jazz music to this group. Wawan, who is a big fan of rock music, then decided to leave in 1988 and join Outsider, which included Ari Lasso and Piyu. Wawan's position was later replaced by Salman and Dewa's name was changed to Down Beat, which was taken from the name of a jazz magazine published by the United States.

39;s classmates, Harun, was interested in the concept and offered an investment of Rp.

In the area of ​​East Java and its surroundings, the name Down Beat at that time was quite famous, especially after it managed to dominate the festival stage. Call it the Youth Jazz Festival throughout East Java, the first winner of the '90 High School Band Festival or the second winner of the Super Fiesta Musical Needle. When Slank's name fluttered, Wawan was again called to revive Dewa by inviting Ari Lasso as well. Down Beat's name was changed to Dewa 19, because at that time the average age of the personnel was 19 years. This time, Dewa 19 came up with a mix of various musics into one: pop, rock, and even jazz, thus giving birth to a new alternative for the Indonesian music scene at that time. One of Wawan's classmates, Harun, was interested in the concept and offered an investment of Rp. 10 million to fund his friends to make master recordings.

Because there are no studios in Surabaya that meet the requirements, they were forced to move to Jakarta, even though with mediocre capital. Dewa 19 completed the making of their first master album in Jakarta. After that, Andra, Ari, Erwin, and Wawan returned to Surabaya while Dhani remained in Jakarta to find a record label willing to put them into orbit. Dhani then roamed around the city of Jakarta, from one record company to another using city buses. Initially, many record companies rejected them because they thought their songs were not selling well. The master recording Dewa 19 was finally caught by Jan Djuhana from Team Records, who had successfully launched the KLa Project. Unexpectedly their debut album exploded and sold well in the market, so that Team Records, which incidentally is a small label, was forced to ask Aquarius Musikindo to take over the production of this album. This album gave birth to singles entitled "Kangen" and "We Are Not Making Love Again" which successfully won a place in the hearts of Indonesian music lovers. The name Dewa 19 immediately skyrocketed in the Indonesian music scene.

In 1994, Dewa 19 released their second album entitled Format Future. In the midst of working on this album, Wawan left Dewa 19 and was then temporarily replaced by 2 assistant drummers namely Ronald Fristianto (Gigi) who filled 6 songs, namely: "Still Ada", "Still I'm Sure We'll Love Again", "Format Future", "Imagi Cinta", "Happy Birthday", "There Is No Other Love" and Rere Reza (Grass Rock) filled 4 songs, namely: "I'm Yours", "Nine Days & Liberty", "Mahameru ", "Deasy". Since September 24, 1994, Aquarius Musikindo has officially become Dewa 19's label replacing Team Records. This album spawned singles titled "I'm Yours" and "No Other Love". In 1995, Dewa released an album titled Best Best, the position of the drummer is still fully filled by the additional drum Rere Reza (Grass Rock). Wong Aksan then joined and took the position of drummer after the Best Best album was released. This album has the concept of pop rock music which was developed by adding elements of Jazz, Folk rock, Funk and Ballad.

Many music observers believe that this is the best album that Dewa 19 has ever made, establishing them as one of the most creative big bands in Indonesia. The December 2007 issue of Rolling Stone magazine placed this album at position 26 in the list of "150 Best Indonesian Albums of All Time". Besides "Enough Siti Nurbaya", the Best Best album also catapulted other hit singles such as "One Heart (Kita Semestinya)" and the ballad song "Cinta 'Kan Brings You Back". Through this album, Dewa again won the BASF Awards for "Best Rock Music Group", "Best Recording Group/Duo" and "Best Recorded Musical Arrangement". The music video for "Enough Siti Nurbaya" was also awarded the "Best Video Clip" at the Indonesian Music Video event. The Best Best Album has successfully sold 500,000 copies in Indonesia. Since this album, Dewa 19 also began to use the term Baladewa to refer to his fanatical fans. Dewa 19's fourth album entitled Pandawa Lima was released in 1997 with the formation of Ari Lasso (vocals), Andra Junaidi (guitar), Erwin Prasetya (bass), Ahmad Dhani (keyboards) and Wong Aksan (drums).

Through this album, Dewa 19 successfully won 6 awards at Anugerah Musik Indonesia 1997, namely for "Best Alternative Song", "Best General Song", "Best Alternative Duo/Group", "Best Rhythm & Blues Album" and "Best Album Cover". ". This album spawned a number of hits including "Kirana" and "You are the Only One". Both of these songs won the Indonesian Music Video award as "Favorite Video Clip". Pandawa Lima has successfully sold more than 800 thousand copies and was certified 5x Platinum. On June 4, 1998, Wong Aksan was officially expelled from Dewa 19 due to his playing that was too thick with jazz style. He was replaced by Bimo Sulaksono (former drummer for Netral).

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