What is PRUaccess

Prudential is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. This company has many services for its customers spread in many countries in the world, including Indonesia. One of the services owned by Prudential Indonesia is PRUaccess. PRUaccess is a special site for policyholders who can provide policy data information whenever needed. Customers or policy holders can access the PRUaccess website via the internet 24 hours per day and seven days a week aka every day! Through PRUaccess, policyholders can monitor policy status and benefits more closely. Policyholders can access PRUaccess through computers and mobile phones on PRUaccess mobile. According to the official guide released by Prudential Indonesia, registration can be done in two ways, namely through the website and filling out forms. Here's how to register PRUaccess Prudential. Registration through the site can be done by policyholders who have registered their e-mail addresses at Prudential. If the email address has not been registered, the policyholder can register using the form. Fill in the fields on the registration form based on data from the policyholder. Select "Continue" and follow the next steps to completion.

The following information can be obtained by policyholders from PRUaccess Prudential.

Policyholders can also register by filling out completely and signing the registration form. The completed and signed registration form can be sent back via website, post, email or facsimile to Prudential's office address. Here's how to get the registration form. Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. Username consists of a combination of letters and numbers. The password must consist of a combination of letters and numbers, and use both uppercase and lowercase letters. If we do not have a username and password, we can register first by filling out the registration form or registering through the website and sending it back to Prudential Indonesia. The following information can be obtained by policyholders from PRUaccess Prudential. Information on the progress of the new policy application, if any. In addition to the Policy Information service above, policyholders can also access letters sent by PT Prudential Life Assurance through the My Letter and Statement facility. Failed Debit/Dishonor Credit Card, if there is a debit failure for customers who use the Autodebit Premium payment method. Prudential's Electronic Policy (e-Policy) is an agreement in electronic form, which includes a Policy Summary, Life Insurance Request Letter (SPAJ) that has been approved by Prudential.

There is also information in the form of tables, calculation formulas, General Policy Provisions, Special Provisions and other provisions (if any). Along with all additions or amendments that contain the Terms and Conditions of the life insurance agreement between Prudential Indonesia and the policyholder. The Electronic Policy is available for PRUlink assurance account and PRUlink sharia assurance account owners and can be accessed through PRUaccess. When using PRUaccess, you can check your policy. Log-in using the policyholder's username and password. Select the "My Data" menu, then select the "Policy Info" menu. Click the Policy number with In-Force status belonging to the policyholder. Click "Agree" when the pop-up titled "Electronic Policy Receipt" appears (only appears when the customer first accesses the Electronic Policy Number as a receipt from Prudential Indonesia). Select the "Electronic Policy" tab to view the policy contract of the policyholder. Select the document that the policyholder wants to view. Open the document password with the following guidelines: Your E-Policy password is xxxxddMmm, (example: 123401Aug), with the following information. Mmm : The first three letters of the birth month in English. The first letter is uppercase and the next is lowercase. Apart from the internet, this service can also be accessed via PRUaccess Mobile. PRUaccess Mobile is a mini version or a mobile version that can be accessed via mobile phones. This mobile service contains features that are frequently accessed, such as information about insurance policies, proposal information, and the value of the policies owned.

It should be noted that the phone screen experiences image distortion when using the application.

This service can also be used to check balances. In the 'Policy Info' menu, you can get information about your current Prudential balance. The PRUaccess Mobile application can be used on mobile phones with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry operating systems with the following versions. Here are the steps to download this application. Then select one of the installer icons on the main menu that corresponds to our cell phone. Please follow the installation instructions provided. It should be noted that the phone screen experiences image distortion when using the application. It could be because the application is not supported by the Operating System (OS) and/or browser on our phone. In this mobile version of the application, there are several menus that you can find.

There will be transaction history listed on this menu.

The following is a list of the menus. On the proposal information menu, you will get information about Prudential insurance products. There, you can check the premium price for each product and the scope of its benefits. In this menu, there are options such as 'Status of Proposal', 'Amount of Premium', 'Basic and Additional Insurance Information', 'Types of Funds and Investments', and 'Primary and Additional Insured Information'. Next is the policy information menu, which is a menu that contains information about your Prudential insurance policy. It will contain information about the unit balance, the amount and due date of Prudential insurance fees or premiums, policy status, transaction history or withdrawal of funds, as well as claim submission status. There is also an e-transaction menu, which is where you make transactions such as top ups, submit claims, and so on. Here you can also attach the supporting documents needed when making a claim. There will be transaction history listed on this menu. Tips from Lifepal! To get more complete information about prudential insurance, please visit Lifepal to consult with our team. Here we can also get explanations regarding other insurance products that suit our needs and budget. Interested in trying life insurance? Find out what kind of life insurance is right for you with the best life insurance calculator below. This service provides information about policy data that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Policyholders can use this service to monitor policy status and benefits more closely.

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