What is the difference between OTP and PIN?

For smartphone users, the OTP code is familiar. We often find OTP when we want to make transactions online or when entering an application. Almost all applications use OTP as their security system. This is done to avoid hijacking or misuse of accounts. What is OTP and how do OTP codes work? OTP is a verification code in the form of numbers or sometimes combined with letters which usually consist of 4-6 digits. In general, the OTP code is used to authenticate data when you are about to access an application or make transactions online. In accordance with OTP stands for One Time Password, this code is only used once and can be expired in a few minutes. One Time Password was first applied by a bank in Indonesia with the aim of tightening the ID security of its customers. Then, nowadays OTP is used in various applications. What is the difference between OTP and PIN? Although both are codes, PIN and OTP are different things.

While the PIN is used like a password to enter an account.

PIN is a security system that can be set by the account owner. While OTP is a random code that is automatically sent by the system. OTP is a two way authentication security system that is very confidential. While the PIN is used like a password to enter an account. You intentionally or unintentionally pass it on to others. Therefore, the main function of OTP is to prevent criminal acts by irresponsible people. Although they both function as protection systems, it turns out that OTP itself has several types based on the level of security. OTP is divided into three types ranging from the least secure to the most secure. This OTP is a type of OTP that is less secure, but the most frequently used to date because of its convenience. This system uses the role of third parties such as SMS, email or telephone because it does not have the ability to process its own code. It is said to be less secure because this system is still vulnerable to being exploited in acts of piracy and abuse. The type of OTP soft token can be said to be quite safe because it utilizes an authentication application that is able to process codes based on the set of keys owned, such as Google Authenticator or Twilio Authy.

However, the drawback is that when the system is also installed on another device, the other device will have access to the OTP code. You can choose PIN protected authentication. This type is arguably the safest because its working system directly accesses the physical token calculator without the need to connect to other devices. OTP hard tokens also do not take advantage of third parties such as email and whatsapp, so they will be more difficult to hijack. Also read: 7 Ways to Trace Mobile Numbers Through the Easiest Internet, Definitely Found! Judging from how it works, this OTP is fairly simple. This authentication process happens automatically and in just a few minutes. When you want to make online transactions or access sensitive applications, you will usually receive an OTP code automatically via SMS, email or telephone. SMS OTP is a code that is sent via sms. Usually before making a transaction you will be asked to enter an active number then in a few seconds you will automatically receive an SMS in the form of an OTP code. Just like SMS OTP, you will get an OTP email automatically after you are asked to enter an active email before making a transaction. Then you will be directed to a button or link listed in the email. Click the link to verify the process. Basically, the working principle∫ is the same as SMS and email. However, usually call OTP is an alternative to SMS OTP. When you do not receive the code via sms repeatedly, then you can get the code via call OTP. After getting the OTP code, then you enter the code in the column provided.

If the code is correct, then you will automatically successfully authenticate. In fact, some smartphones can automatically enter the code that has been received via SMS without you having to type it again manually. What if you have reached the OTP sending limit? You don't need to worry, when you reach the limit on the authentication process, you only need to wait a while until the code request button can be active again. The length of time depends on the application used, which is in the range of 10-60 minutes. OTP is a code that has a time limit. This means that there is a usage time range that only lasts between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. If it exceeds that time, then you must request a new code. However, we recommend that you immediately use the code that was sent the first time. Because, if you run out of time and keep repeating then you can reach the sending limit and have to wait a while. In accordance with OTP which means One Time Password, this code can only be done once in one authentication process. When the usage duration expires, the code is automatically forfeited. When you want to re-authenticate next time, you have to enter a new code. OTP sent via email and sms can be in the form of numbers or links. If it is a number, then you must enter it in the column provided during the authentication process. If it's a link, then you just need to click on the link. OTP can only be used for certain purposes. For example, in e-commerce applications, OTP is only used when making payments.

Although OTP can help you avoid criminal acts, there are times when the code is successfully cracked and accessed by irresponsible parties. Don't easily believe a foreign number claiming to be an official agent of a company. Never give the OTP code you received to anyone. This method is often used by criminals to commit fraud by deceiving. Make sure you regularly change passwords and PINs on personal and important applications. Actively checking activity in the application, so that if there are foreign transactions, they can be immediately identified. Don't give access to your phone number to people you don't trust. Using today's technology does have a high risk, therefore you must always be careful and maintain its security. The role of OTP is as a very important security system to protect your account from hijacking.

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