What is the Function of the Piston Pen

For those of you who are accustomed to using a car while driving, it is important to know how to maintain a car engine so that it remains stable. One of the parts of a car engine that is prone to damage is the piston component. Inside the piston there are several important parts such as piston rings, snap rings, piston rods, and piston gaps which have different roles when the car engine is running. For those of you who do not understand about the engine components of this one car, first consider the discussion below. Piston is an important component in an engine which is located in the cylinder block. The way it works and functions are different and interrelated to produce power when the engine is running. The main function of the piston is to receive combustion pressure and transmit it to the crankshaft through a component called the connecting rod. In addition, the piston also plays a role in the combustion process to produce engine power. Here are the piston components along with their functions and proper maintenance methods. The piston ring is in the form of a circular ring, and in it there is a gap that is used as a flexural distance. This section is located on the side of the wall and is attached to the ring groove. In the installation of piston rings, the gap should be spaced between the rings different by 120 degrees to prevent compression leakage. The piston ring is made of high quality steel and is divided into 3 parts, namely the top, middle, and bottom. Which is located at the top is called compression one, the middle is compression two and the bottom is called ring oil.

Ring oil has 2 kinds of springs, namely segment and integral.

The function of the piston ring is to prevent leakage in the event of a stroke and compression. It also prevents oil and cylinders from entering the combustion chamber and regulates heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall. Ring oil has 2 kinds of springs, namely segment and integral. The function of this section is to prevent oil from easily entering the combustion chamber and to clean the oil contained in the cylinder wall when the piston is moving. In addition to carrying out the above functions, ring oil is also useful as a storage area, as well as a lubricant between the piston and the liner. The way the piston ring components work without problems will channel heat from the piston to the cylinder wall properly, so the engine is more stable. Car engines generally have 2 compression rings located at the top and center of the piston. The main function of this piston component is to withstand the compression process between air and fuel during compression. The goal is to avoid crankcase or bottom leakage. The compression ring on the piston which is located in the middle, in addition to being a compression ring also acts as a lubricant (oil liner). The combination of the upper and middle compression rings can also produce high explosive power if the combustion process in the engine takes place very quickly. During the combustion process, the piston will work faster and get hotter.

If the piston pin moves out, there is a possibility of damage to the cylindrical block wall.

This causes expansion which makes the diameter of the piston increase. Therefore, there is usually a gap between the piston and the cylinder wall, called the piston clearance. Piston gap measuring 0.02-0.12 mm serves to condition the upper diameter to be smaller than the lower diameter. Thus, the engine is not easy to heat when there is an expansion in the piston diameter size. This one piston component is made of high quality steel, so it is resistant to heavy and large objects. Piston pen or piston pin as a connecting rod that allows the piston to connect to the small end of the component. On the inside of the piston pen there is a hole to reduce the occurrence of excess weight and both ends can be held by the piston pen. The type of connection between the piston pen and the piston generally uses 4 types, namely Bolted Type, Press Fit, Fixed and Full Floating. There are two functions of the piston pen, namely as a hook between the piston rod and the piston and transferring power from the piston to the piston rod. Snap Ring on the piston component is located on the piston pin, and is shaped like a thin ring. The function of this section is to lock the piston pin so that it does not move out easily. If the piston pin moves out, there is a possibility of damage to the cylindrical block wall. There are 2 types of Snap Rings, namely when pressed the ends will open and when pressed the ends remain closed. Both are known as the hole type Snap ring (H) and the Shafting type Snap Ring (S). The two models are not only different in shape, but how they work on a piston engine is also different. Every car must have a piston rod, if not, then the piston and other components cannot work optimally.

In fact, the impact is significant on the engine in the event of a breakdown.

This part is rigid, can change straight motion into circular motion, and rotate the push-pull motion on the piston crankshaft. The main function of this section is as a connection road or a liaison between the piston pit and the crankshaft. This section has 2 interconnected holes, namely the crankshaft and the piston pit. To keep the pistons on the car durable and the components inside can continue to function properly, there are several maintenance that can be done. First, the piston can first be removed from its position on the engine, then soak it together with the piston rod using cleaning fluid. If the piston looks very dirty, it should be cleaned manually, especially on the parts that are not completely submerged in the cleaning fluid. You need to pay attention to the grooves on the piston rings. Usually these components have the most problems, for example, such as wear or rust which makes heat transfer not work properly. When the car is running, the engine will easily heat up and emit smoke in this condition. The small size of the piston ring and the slow-moving nature does make this part less noticeable. In fact, the impact is significant on the engine in the event of a breakdown. Similar to other piston components, this part also has a service life limit. An easy way to make the piston rings durable, not easily damaged and the engine not fussy is to treat the pistons with oil that matches the engine standards. The oil change is carried out regularly.


If there is a problem in certain parts, you should take the car to the nearest repair shop for service. Maintenance should be done every 6 months, so that the damage to the car engine can still be controlled and it doesn't cost too much. If you want the best maintenance or service for a car engine, especially the piston part, you can immediately take it to an official Suzuki repair shop near where you live. Suzuki provides periodic maintenance services with high quality products and of course the price is more affordable. WANT TO BUY A CAR IN 2021? WATCH SOME OF THESE THINGS! Jakarta, November 16, 2020 - Oil is an important part of a vehicle. Without oil, the vehicle will heat up quickly and cause damage.

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