What is the price of AC Freon?

As we know, Indonesia is located in the tropics, which makes it have an average temperature of not less than 18 degrees Celsius, which is 27 degrees Celsius. With the sun shining for 12 hours a day, the hot air can make many people feel uncomfortable, both when doing activities and resting. In fact, exposure to excessive heat can lead to various health problems, such as heat rash to heat stroke. Well, to minimize these things, as well as facilitate the movement of air in the room, one way that can be done is to provide ventilation in the dwelling. Ventilation is the exchange of air inside and outside the building. Self-ventilation can be in the form of natural ventilation (not involving machines), artificial ventilation (involving machines, such as air conditioning), as well as semi-artificial ventilation. Of the many ventilations, you must be familiar with AC. Today, the presence of air conditioners in homes, offices, and even vehicles as air conditioners has indeed become a very important need for some people. AC can be said as a system or machine designed to stabilize the air temperature and humidity of an area (which is used for cooling or heating depending on the nature of the air at a certain time).

Because it is a chemical compound or gas, Freon is colorless and odorless.

Well, one of the compounds that play an important role in the air conditioning system is freon. Freon or refrigerant is a chemical compound or gas that is usually used as a fluid to absorb the load of air conditioners or other places where the air temperature is cooler. Because it is a chemical compound or gas, Freon is colorless and odorless. Although it is colorless and odorless, safe use of freon is highly recommended. This freon substance is actually not too harmful to the environment as long as it is not released into the air or the AC installation does not leak. However, if your AC installation leaks and the freon is released into the air, it will become a poison that can endanger human health if inhaled. Although at first glance it looks the same, freon turns out to have different types.

Freon R410A, this type of AC freon is generally used in inverter type AC.

The differences in the types of freon greatly affect the comfort when using the air conditioner. Here are some types of freon that are commonly used in air conditioning installations. Freon R22, this type of freon has a heating potential of 0.05 for ozone destruction when compared to other types of freon which only has a value of 0. However, this type of freon is not flammable. Freon R410A, this type of AC freon is generally used in inverter type AC. In contrast to the R22 type freon, R410A freon does not have the potential to damage the ozone layer, while for global warming potential, it has a fairly high value compared to R22 type freon. Just like the R22 type freon, R410A freon is also not flammable. Freon R32, this type of freon is new because it was only discovered by a Japanese company, Daikin, in 2012, and has been used in the AC line up since 2013. lower global warming potential. Although on the other hand it has the potential to be flammable, this type of freon is still safe to use for air conditioning in the household. Freon R290, this type of freon has the lowest global warming potential when compared to the other types of freon previously mentioned. However, because the cold index number is quite low and the flammability level is also quite high, many air conditioning companies have decided not to use this type of freon in their products. Because it is a liquid that is evaporated to cool the room, the freon will definitely run out.

The first thing to do in freon charging is to operate a split AC.

Usually, the freon runs out due to a leak that occurs in the hose or pipe that connects several AC components. So, ideally, as long as there are no leaks in the AC system that makes the AC not cold or the freon runs out, then the freon doesn't need to be replaced or refilled. On the other hand, if there is an AC problem, such as a clogged compressor, clogged filter, or damaged AC component, then it is necessary to replace or refill the freon. Charging freon is also not too long, about 30 minutes. The first thing to do in freon charging is to operate a split AC. After the outdoor unit receives the electricity supply from the indoor unit, open the freon charging cover with a wrench. Then, attach the blue hose that is on the manifold in place of the freon cover, looking at the blue low pressure manifold needle.

Pandiangan, Kristoffel Colbert, Listiani Nurul Huda, A. Jabbar M. Rambe.

If there is no pressure at all, the A/C system is leaking. Therefore, the leak room must be repaired first by welding. But before that, make sure there is no freon left in the air conditioner so as not to harm yourself. If the location of the leak has been found and it has been repaired (welded), the cooling or air conditioning system must first be vacuumed before being filled with freon, using a vacuum machine. Indeed, even though you can do it yourself, it would be better if the AC freon filling was done using the services of trained personnel. This is to avoid unwanted things during the freon charging process. Well, for those of you who are currently planning to recharge your home or office AC freon, here's the latest information on the costs you have to spend. We have summarized the cost of refilling and adding AC freon above from various sources, including a number of AC service providers and several online buying and selling sites. When compared to the previous year, the price has increased and remains constant. The cost of refilling AC R32 freon with a capacity of 1.5 PK to 2 PK for example, was originally Rp. 400 thousand and now it has slightly increased to Rp. 450 thousand. Meanwhile, the cost of refilling AC R410 freon with a capacity of 1.5 PK to 2 PK is still IDR 450 thousand. Syahnan, Muhammad Rif'at, Azridjal Aziz, Rahmat Iman Mainil. 2016. The Potential of Condensed Water as a Cooling Media for Evaporative Cooling Module Applications on the Performance of 1 PK Split AC. JOM Faculty of Engineering, University of Riau, Vol. Pandiangan, Kristoffel Colbert, Listiani Nurul Huda, A. Jabbar M. Rambe. 2013. Analysis of Ventilation System Design in Improving Thermal Comfort of Workers in the Formulation Room of PT XYZ. Journal of Industrial Engineering FT USU, Vol. Indrani, Hedy C. 2008. Ventilation Performance in Dupak Bangunrejo Flats Residential Residential Surabaya. Interior Dimensions: Journal of Interior Design, Vol. Satwiko, Prasasto. 2004. Building Physics I. Yogyakarta: Publisher Andi.

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