What's Banned on TikTok

TikTok's mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. We build a global community where everyone can create and share, discover the world around them, and connect with others around the world. We are committed to maintaining a supportive environment for our growing community. Our Community Guidelines establish general norms and guidelines for behavior that provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone. At TikTok, we prioritize security, diversity, inclusion and authenticity. We encourage creators to celebrate what makes them unique and encourage viewers to engage in what inspires them; we believe that a safe environment helps everyone to do it openly. We value our global community highly, and seek to take into account the broad cultural norms in the countries in which we operate. We also aim to develop an environment for real interaction by encouraging authentic content on TikTok. Our Community Guidelines apply to everyone and everything on TikTok. We enforce this proactively using the combined results of technology and human moderation and aim to do so before people report potentially infringing content to us. We also encourage members of our community to use the support we provide on TikTok to report any content or accounts they believe violate our Community Guidelines.

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We will remove any content, including video, audio, live broadcast, images, comments, links or other text, that violates our Community Guidelines. Everyone will be notified of our decision and can appeal if they believe a violation has not occurred. We will temporarily or permanently block accounts and/or users who are involved in gross or repeated violations on the platform; we may also consider actions on other platforms and offline behavior when making decisions. Conditions involving a specific, credible and likely imminent threat to human life can be reported to legal authorities. The full TikTok experience is for people aged 14 and over, and we are actively deleting accounts of people we suspect are under 14.

More information can be found in the Unqualified section for the For You content line.

Our algorithms are designed with trust and security in mind. For certain content, we may reduce the likelihood of that content being found, including by redirecting search results or rendering videos ineligible for recommendations in the For You content series. More information can be found in the Unqualified section for the For You content line. At the same time, we recognize that some content that would normally be removed in accordance with our Community Guidelines may be of value to the public. Therefore, we may allow exceptions in certain circumstances, such as educational, documentary, scientific, artistic, satirical, fictional or professional content, counter-speech, or content that allows individuals to express themselves within topics of high social value. To minimize the potential negative impact of horrible content, we may include security measures in advance, such as providing a warning screen or an "opt-in" option. In consultation with relevant stakeholders, we update our Community Guidelines from time to time to keep them relevant with new behaviors and risks, as part of our commitment to keep TikTok a safe place for creativity and joy.

Our users must meet the minimum age requirement to use TikTok, as set out in the Terms of Service.

We are strongly committed to protecting the safety of minors on our platform. TikTok defines a minor as anyone under the age of 18. We prohibit activities that perpetuate the harassment, injury, harm, or exploitation of minors on TikTok. Any content, including animations or digitally created or manipulated media, that depicts the abuse, exploitation or harm of minors is an infringement on our platform and will be removed when detected. We report Sexual Abuse of Children Materials (CSAM) and supporting evidence to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and other relevant law enforcement. Our users must meet the minimum age requirement to use TikTok, as set out in the Terms of Service. When an underage account holder is identified, we will delete the account. Our platform is designed with the safety of minors in mind, so some of our features are age-restricted. Account holders under the age of 16 cannot use the live message processing feature or host a live broadcast and the content is not eligible to appear in the For You content suite (age limit may be higher in some areas). Account holders under the age of 18 cannot send or receive gifts through our virtual gift giving feature. TikTok will take action on any content or accounts involving CSAM or the sexual exploitation of minors.

We remove such content from our platform.

The sexual exploitation of minors includes the abuse of positions of power or trust for sexual purposes, including obtaining financial, social, sexual or political advantage from the exploitation of minors. CSAM is a visual depiction of nudity or sexually explicit behavior towards a minor, taken by adult predators, peers, or self-made by a minor. Inappropriate grooming behavior occurs when an adult establishes an emotional connection with a minor in order to gain their trust for the purpose of future or current sexual contact, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, or other sexual exploitation. This behavior includes: providing flattery, soliciting contact on and off the platform, soliciting personal information, soliciting child sexual abuse material, making sexual advances or comments, and giving gifts. Nudity and sexual activity involving minors includes content that overtly exposes the breasts, genitals, anus, or buttocks, or behavior that mimics, implies, or displays sexual behavior involving minors. We do not allow the depiction of, including digitally created or manipulated content, nudity or sexual activity. Harmful activities by minors include possession or use of substances prohibited by minors, abuse of legal substances, involvement in illegal activities, and participation in activities, physical challenges, or other challenges that may threaten the child's well-being at home. underage. We remove such content from our platform. Behaviors that put minors at risk for physical or psychological harm include physical abuse, neglect, harm to children, or psychological belittling.

We remove such content from our platform. We do not allow users who have been found guilty of crimes against children to have accounts on our platform. These crimes include: sexual abuse, molestation, murder, physical torture or neglect, kidnapping, international abduction by parents, child trafficking, exploitation of minors for prostitution, sexual abuse of minors online and in person, sexual exploitation of minors in the context of travel and tourism, efforts to obtain or distribute Sexual Abuse of Children Materials (CSAM), and the production, possession or distribution of CSAMs. If we find the user, we will block the account. User information that is self-disclosed and states the account owner is a pedophile or perpetrator of sexual crimes against minors will be deemed as such without further consideration and the account will be deleted. We do not allow users to share content that depicts, encourages, normalizes, or glorifies harmful actions that could result in serious injury or death. We also don't allow content that encourages or supports collective participation in harmful or harmful activities that violates any aspect of our Community Guidelines. We define dangerous acts or other harmful behavior as activities that are carried out in an unprofessional or unskilled context and do not comply with safety safeguards that could cause serious injury or death to users or the public. This includes amateur displays of bravery or dangerous challenges. We care deeply about the health and well-being of everyone who builds our community.

We don't allow content that depicts, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies activities that could lead to suicide, self-injury, or eating disorders. However, we do support our community members if they wish to share their personal experiences in this regard in a safe way to raise awareness and seek community support. We also encourage anyone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, or who knows someone who is seriously contemplating suicide, to immediately contact local emergency services or a suicide prevention hotline. If our interventions can help users who may be at risk of harming themselves, TikTok can also notify local emergency services.

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