What's the Way to Reset Xiaomi?

I am a Xiaomi user, and I really understand the problems that are often experienced by Android users. Like often slow due to too often uninstalling applications. Or the battery drops quickly because of too much power consumption. Is there a solution to these problems? Actually, the solution is simple. Buy a new cellphone with a larger capacity, that's okay. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new cellphone. It could be because you still like the current cellphone too much. Or indeed there is no budget allocation to buy a new cellphone. Another alternative that we can do is to reset it to return to the initial settings as when we first used it.

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It may sound complicated to those who don't know how to do it, but it's actually easy to do. Why does Xiaomi have to be reset? If we could choose, of course we don't want to have to reset everything. Because when our cellphones are reset, then we have to do a reset from scratch. Such as device owner account settings, security settings, reinstalling applications, and so on. How complicated if this we have to do. So, you should not reset too often. Unless absolutely necessary. Like wanting to back up data or other things. Yes, one of the reasons someone does a reset is not only to increase battery power, but also to back up the necessary data. We never know what will happen to us beyond our predictions. It could be that the cellphone is lost, suddenly dies, and other problems that can result in data loss. If the reset still doesn't solve the problem, maybe you need another way. It could be that our xiaomi needs Flash to return to normal. Well, to solve this problem, we can back up data through a reset method to return to the initial settings. That way the trash files can be wasted, we can also secure important data files. We can just do a reset without having to prepare, but the risk can be fatal. Therefore, there are several things that we must prepare first before resetting the Xiaomi cellphone. This reset process takes a long time. So make sure before resetting, the battery is charged at least 50%. Because during the reset process, it can't be done while discharge. If in the middle of the reset process, then the cellphone dies, then you have to start over again.

Because the reset process is done through recovery mode which is accessed during the boot process.

There is always a concern that important data on the cellphone will be lost when the reset process is carried out. Well, to get rid of those worries, please do a backup first. This is to secure data and avoid the risk of losing important data stored on the cellphone. How to do a Xiaomi reset? The first way to reset a Xiaomi cellphone is by means of a hard reset. In this way we have to turn off our cellphones first. Because the reset process is done through recovery mode which is accessed during the boot process. Unlike the factory reset, which can be done without having to turn off the cellphone. Because the way is done through the settings menu on the cellphone. Well, please follow the steps below to do a hard reset xiaomi that we have. Remember, the cellphone is in the Off state. At this stage we will enter Recovery Mode. Wait a while until the MI logo appears after the phone vibrates. On the screen, the Recovery Mode menu will appear which we will access later to reset the cellphone. Second, if there is an option to choose the type of language, then just choose English.

You do this by pressing the volume button to change the language options provided. Once selected, then press the Power button instead of the enter button. Not all Xiaomi cellphones will ask us to choose the type of language. Some have been automatically set to English without having to make any settings. Third, select the "Wipe Data/Recovery Reset" menu to start the reset process. Fifth, wait a while until the reset process is complete. Less lax takes about 5 minutes. Sixth, select "Back to main menu" after the reset process is complete. There will be a "Reboot" option to restart the Xiaomi cellphone. Seventh, after restarting the Xiaomi screen will be like the first time we turn it on. There are still a few installed applications, only the default applications.

We can also add the application we want by installing it through the Playstore on the cellphone.

At this point the hard reset process is complete. Next we just do the settings according to what we want. We can also add the application we want by installing it through the Playstore on the cellphone. We may also be asked to log in using an MI account. Please enter your username and password to log in to your Mi account. If we don't have a Mi account, then just skip it. We can do this hard reset on all types of xiaomi cellphones. Both xiaomi redmi 3, xiaomi redmi 4X, and redmi 4A. the steps that must be done are more or less the same as those I described above. For those who find it difficult, you can try doing a factory reset.

This factory reset is simpler, no need to turn off the cellphone. Can be done through the Settings menu. Whatever the type and type of Xiaomi cellphone, we can do a reset through the Settings menu on the cellphone. The method is also very easy. However, the preparation is almost the same as when you want to do a hard reset. We have to back up first and make sure the battery backup is sufficient. This is to avoid the risk of losing data during the reset process. First, turn on the xiaomi cellphone and open the Settings menu. Third, click "Backup & reset." Here will appear several menu options for reset. Among them we can set the time period to perform automatic backups. If we want to automatically restore when doing a reset, then make sure the check mark on the "Automatic recovery" option is enabled. Fifth, click "Reset phone" at the bottom of the menu bar. It should be noted that we need to set up our registered Mi account username and password. Because to continue the factory reset process, we must log in using a Mi account. Sixth, please fill in the Mi account username and password correctly. Seventh, click "Erase" to confirm the factory reset process. Wait a few moments until the reset process is complete.

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