What's up with Bootcamp?

Information technology or IT jobs are jobs that have great career opportunities in this industrial era 4.0. Unfortunately to get expertise in this field is not easy, one way is to go to college. Apart from going to college, bootcamp is the right solution to be able to pursue an IT career without a degree. As a company owner, you can improve the skills and abilities of employees by registering them in a bootcamp. In addition, you can use the talent management system to manage all activities and performance of your employees easily and practically. Furthermore, how can this training program co-exist with a degree course? In this article, we will briefly discuss bootcamp. Difference between Bootcamp and Degree College, which one is superior? Before getting to know more about bootcamp, let's discuss its meaning more deeply. Bootcamp is a training program that takes place intensively, with materials that have been designed in such a way as to be relevant to careers in the IT field. Intensive training makes learning time shorter. By participating in the training program, soft skills and hard skills will be honed well. This training camp program is specifically structured according to needs. Thus, making this program the right choice for those who want to have skills in the IT field to develop a career. Referring to this explanation, bootcamp is a training program that offers various benefits for pursuing a career in the IT field. In general, the number of participants in a class consists of only 15-20 people. This fairly small amount creates an atmosphere like private. So the material will be easily conveyed.

The short time to make bootcamp learning materials must be specifically structured.

Even though it has a small number of participants, getting to know new people during the training program will add to the social network. A well-designed curriculum by experienced and professional teaching practitioners will also make you ready to jump straight into a career. Bootcamp is an intensive program, so the program time is shorter. The training program only runs for a few weeks to be able to produce graduates who have the skills in their careers and are ready to work. However, to be able to understand well the program that has been running, participants who take part in this training must have high initiative and activeness. Low initiative and activeness can make the training program useless, because the material that the trainer teaches is not well mastered by the participants. The short time to make bootcamp learning materials must be specifically structured. Therefore, the learning materials are made by experienced professionals. Materials that are arranged according to the needs are more practical and focused on the material that participants need only. The purpose of bootcamp is to create graduates who are ready to work and open up opportunities for careers without having to go to college. This program will be very instrumental in developing the ability to achieve a career. Usually as a sign of passing in the training program, participants will get certification, this training program certification is useful for filling out CVs for job applications. Use the certification and training management system to simplify the process of managing trainees and monitoring their progress. Difference between Bootcamp and Degree College, which one is superior?

However, with material arranged like this, it will make the learning process more focused.

Based on some of the benefits of attending a bootcamp, we can already see an outline of the difference with college. The implementation of the bootcamp only lasted between 12-15 weeks, it was relatively short seeing that learning about information technology was not easy. With this short time, it is possible to have difficulty understanding the material quickly. Meanwhile, studying to get a degree as an IT graduate takes a longer time, which is around 4-5 years. Based on the material, the material from the bootcamp program is more practical and specific, only on materials that are necessary. However, with material arranged like this, it will make the learning process more focused. In contrast to lectures with a longer period of time, lectures have more and more extensive material. The cost that comes out will be cheaper when taking a bootcamp program compared to lectures, because the duration and material of the training program is shorter and less. If participants have limited funds, choosing this program is the right choice. In terms of job prospects when compared to those who are in college, of course, bootcamps have fewer prospects. This is also related to less material compared to lectures. Bootcamp itself has several types that participants can choose according to the needs of the participants.

While the full-time program is carried out with a duration of approximately 15 weeks.

These types can generally be divided into commitment and flexibility schemes. Commitment schemes are further divided into two types, namely, part-time and full-time. Part-time bootcamps are usually held at night or on weekends, this type of program is suitable for those who have their own busy lives. The duration of the part-time training camp will be around 34 weeks longer. While the full-time program is carried out with a duration of approximately 15 weeks. There are three types of flexibility bootcamps, namely offline, online, and self-paced. In short, the offline type means learning face-to-face, online from home, and self-paced means learning on your own without any demands. Currently, this type of online training will be more interested because of the learning time that can be done anywhere and anytime.

This type will be helped by a well-organized learning system such as e-learning. Bootcamp is a training program to create graduates who are ready to work in a short time. This training program is a solution for those who want to have career opportunities without taking lectures with longer and expensive learning times. Having many advantages is the reason this program is the right choice. However, from the many advantages, it cannot be concluded that bootcamp is superior to college with a degree or vice versa. Success in learning depends on each individual in learning and how the learning system in the learning place can support students to be able to continue to develop.

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