Where to Print Shopee Receipts

We can easily process the printing of shipping labels on Shopee at the Seller Center. With this trick, the transaction process will be faster and more efficient. To do this, you can take advantage of the invoice print feature or print order shipping labels. That way, you don't have to bother copying and pasting customer address data into certain files and rearranging the layout before printing. With the inbuilt features of the marketplace, you only need to do a few clicks, and your shipping label is ready to be attached to the customer's order package. There are several support expedition services available on Shopee. J&T and JNE are the two most popular because users often get free shipping promos. Well, in this tutorial, Panda will review how to print a shipping address on Shopee through these two expeditions. Even so, for other expeditions, the method is more or less the same. You just need to adjust the steps.

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2. In the order that is ready to ship, select 'Manage Delivery'. Next, you will enter a new window to view order details from your customers. Click 'Manage Delivery' again. 3. Shopee will display a pop-up confirming print shipping labels, select 'Confirm' if you are sure you want to print the shipping address. 4. After 'Confirmation', your customer order already has a receipt number. This receipt is ready to print to be pasted on customer orders. 5. Select 'Print Receipt', then your shipping label will be ready for printing. In addition to J&T, you can also print JNE order labels on Shopee. With JNE expeditions, you can print receipts manually (receipts are obtained when you go to direct expeditions) or use JOB (JNE Online Booking). With JOB, sellers will be more efficient because they don't need to input manual receipts anymore.

39;t it easy enough to print Shopee shipping labels?

2. In the order that you want to process shipping, select 'Manage Shipping'. 5. After that, you will get an automatic booking code from Shopee to print the JNE Regular invoice. It looks more or less like below. In addition to printing shipping labels one by one, you can also print address labels in bulk. 1. Enter the Seller Center menu, then enter the 'My Sales' menu. 2. At the top right, press the 'Bulk Shipping' button. 3. Next, you will enter a new page where you can print all shipping invoices at the same time. 4. Check which ones to print in bulk or tick all orders, then select the 'Print Shipping Labels' option in the box on the right. Isn't it easy enough to print Shopee shipping labels? Just by taking a few steps, according to your chosen expedition, your Shopee shipping invoice will be ready to print.

You can paste it manually.

Apart from shipping labels, don't forget to always optimize your product sales on Shopee in various ways. For example, activating the Shopee COD menu or doing various other optimizations to become a Shopee Star Seller. Mas, I want to ask, do we have to use sticker paper to print receipts like those used by shipping services or do we still print using plain paper and then paste it manually as usual, bro? You can paste it manually. Later, sticker paper from J&T will be attached. At Shopee, this is often the case. How to download shopee jnt shipping label pdf on android, how do you do it? Hi, the receipt printing feature is currently not available via smartphones. But if you can't print a receipt, you can leave a note on your shipping label if this order uses an automatic receipt from Shopee. Excuse me sis, does the serial number on J&T have an expiration date? As long as the Shopee system hasn't been canceled, it's still safe, how come the J&T tracking number… For now, new labels can be printed for each order, so if you want to print it on one piece of paper, it doesn't seem possible.

Can you? Just set it so that the printout can fit on paper. In addition to the adjusted position of the paper in the printer, the printout can also be reduced so that it can fit on the rest of the paper. P), can click 'More Settings' or other settings to open additional settings. In the Scale section, click 'custom', then set the print size to fit the paper. For example, scale to 60 (This is what I can do because my package is small, so one paper can fit to be used several times to save paper). Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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