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Computers have different activities or functions from each user (in this case the commands received by the computer). What needs to be remembered is that the computer will work according to the user's commands and produce what the user wants. The user uses the computer by entering the command (input) then processing it and producing the output (output) of the command. This means input-process-output on the computer. The first computer input device was the keyboard. The keyboard is a device composed of various keys or keys that are intended for certain purposes. There are currently two types of keyboards, namely external keyboards and laptop keyboards. The difference lies only in the position of the keyboard. The keyboard itself of course has a lot of functions that are very important for our needs as computer users.

Opens the menu and properties of a file or application.

And there are many more functions of computer keyboard keys that users need to know, so that they are used correctly and help users complete their work quickly. The second computer input device is the mouse. The mouse is a device whose function is extraordinary, important and vital, even though it has a very small size. Currently, computer muses already use laser technology, so the mouse becomes lighter, can be carried everywhere, and also becomes more sensitive. Currently, mice also have many choices, ranging from special gaming and design mice, office standard mice, to mice that have attractive shapes and colors (fancy mice). Opens the menu and properties of a file or application. The function of the mouse on other computer devices can also make it easier for users to do more detailed work, especially users who make graphic designs which of course use the keyboard and mouse functions simultaneously. Scanners are important input devices, but they are not widely used. Scanner is an input device that is incidental in nature, which is only used when needed, and is not used all the time, in contrast to the muse and keyboard. A joystick is a computer input device that functions much like a mouse.

This trackball is also often known as a scroll bar.

Joystick is one of the most popular computer input devices among computer gamers. With this joystick, gamers experience playing games on a computer for the better. If playing games on a computer without using this hardware, it is not impossible that the computer will quickly break (see also: the cause of the computer keyboard keys not working), especially the danger of playing online games on a laptop which can cause severe hard drive damage. Touchpad is a computer input technology that is commonly found on a laptop or portable computer. Touchpad is a pad or pad that is sensitive to touch, especially the touch of the skin, although it is not as sensitive as a touchscreen display. The touchpad is one of the standard input devices in laptops, notebooks and netbooks. The touchpad itself has several functions. The trackball in question here is a small ball that is on the mouse, which is located between the left and right buttons of a mouse. This trackball is also often known as a scroll bar. It is one of the standard features of a modern mouse, which really helps simplify the user's work at the computer.

The touch pen itself has several important functions.

A light pen or also often known as a touch pen or stylus is an input device shaped like a pen. With a special tip, which is deliberately designed for a computer that is touch screen. By using this touch pen, you don't need to use the mouse to make edits. Touchpen is commonly used on computers that are used for design purposes, as well as research purposes. The touch pen itself has several important functions. Who doesn't know web cams? Web cam is a small camera that is usually placed in a computer. On a laptop, a webcam is one of the standard input devices that are embedded. While on a desktop computer, a webcam is an additional input device. Webcams have many functions.

This Graphic Pad is quite rarely used, because it is only used for certain purposes.

Microphone is the next computer input device. Microphone is an input device whose job is to detect sound waves from computer users, which are then processed into digital form. The microphone is a standard input device feature on a laptop, and is an enhancement feature on a desktop computer. Graphic Pad is a computer input device, which looks similar to a touchpad, but is bigger and much more sensitive. This Graphic Pad is quite rarely used, because it is only used for certain purposes. Graphic Pad uses a stylus or Touch Pen for its input media, and is mostly used for design purposes, and really helps make it easier for users to make an image, and also write by hand on a computer. The monitor is an important output device. Monitor is a standard output device that is in the computer, which is included in the display hardware. Currently, the monitor has developed into a very modern form, with the use of LCD and LED, as well as more efficient electricity, much better image sharpness, and screen sizes that can reach more than 21 "for a computer. The monitor itself has a very vital function, because if there is no monitor, then we cannot see what is being processed in our computer.The projector is the next output device. Projector is a device that works by projecting the output of a computer into the form of light.

Speakers are computer hardware that is part of the computer output.

Projectors have a large area, especially when compared to regular monitors. Therefore, projectors are widely used for presentation and entertainment purposes. Printers are one of the most widely used computer output devices. The printer itself has many benefits, especially for the benefit of printing documents. Plotters are printers, but they are larger in size and utility than printers. Speakers are computer hardware that is part of the computer output. The main function of the speaker is to process the digital sound signal in the computer, so that it becomes an analog sound signal, and can be heard by the human ear. Usually speakers are standard features in computers.

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