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History BSI University was founded on March 3, 1988 as a BSI Computer Education Institute (LPK) by five founders. They are Herman P Harsoyo, Efriadi Salim, Sigit Swasono, Surachman NP Tangkilisan, and Naba Aji Notoseputro. Next, to further develop higher education in Indonesia and provide opportunities for the nation's children to receive higher education, in 1994, the founders of BSI established the BSI Computer Science Management Academy (AMIK), which is a Diploma III (D3) education level. "Continuing in the following years, we established, Academy of Secretary and Management (ASM) BSI (2001/2002), Academy of Communication (AKOM) BSI (2002/2003), Academy of Tourism (AKPAR) BSI (2007), Academy of Financial Management (AMK) BSI (2007), and Academy of Foreign Languages ​​(ABA) BSI (2008)," said Naba Aji who is also the administrator of the BSI Foundation. In 2017, all BSI academies were attempted to be merged into a university.

39;im PhD, MBA at BSI Convention Center Kaliabang, Bekasi," said Naba Aji.

Alhamdulillah, in September 2018 BSI University has officially been successfully combined with three Faculties and 12 Study Programs, and held the D3 and Bachelor (S1) education levels. "On September 16 2018, BSI transformed by merging BSI academies into one big university called BSI University. The decision letter to change BSI academy to BSI University was submitted directly by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Prof Ainun Na'im PhD, MBA at BSI Convention Center Kaliabang, Bekasi," said Naba Aji. He added, besides that, in the period 2000 to several years ago, BSI also established several institutions to support the success of students' college education. The supporting institutions are BCC (BSI Career Center), BEC (BSI Entrepreneur Center), BIC (BSI Innovation Center), and BSC (BSI Start up Center). BSI also established other supporting institutions, namely LBA (Foreign Language Institute) and LSP (Professional Certification Institute).

To anticipate the development of digital technology and prepare digital talents in the future, at the beginning of 2022, the BSI Foundation initiated the establishment of the BSI Digital Creative Center. "Currently BSI University is present in 30 campuses and 20 cities in Java and Kalimantan," said Naba Aji. Naba explained that BSI University has proven itself as one of the leading and largest universities in Indonesia, both nationally and among existing Private Higher Education (PTS). "BSI University is included in the UniRank version of the Top 100 Indonesian Campuses, which is ranked 23 (among all PTS) and 68th (nationally among all PTN and PTS campuses). BSI University is also ranked in the Top 20 Indonesian Universities on Facebook version of AICU in 2021, ranked 78th in the Top 100 Universities by SINTA version of 5. 178 Affiliations, and ranked 56th in SINTA's Top 100 Universities out of 5,178 Affiliations in the last three years," said Naba Aji Notoseputro.

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