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But unfortunately, the increase in interest was followed by the rise of fraudulent investments. The reason is, referring to the data submitted by the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI), fraudulent investment practices have harmed the Indonesian people up to Rp. 117.4 trillion in the last 10 years. "We are always asked who our competitors are. The public is also invited to make wise investment decisions and not be traumatized by investment. "Through technology we want to help people prepare for a better future. We believe that this can be done by investing discipline, with products that are regulated and supervised by the OJK and especially created for retail investors," said Sigit. Bibit, added Sigit, currently has partnered with 15 investment managers and has more than 100 mutual fund products.

39;t want stocks to be used as tools for speculation.

In addition, Bibit was also officially appointed by the Ministry of Finance at the beginning of this year as a distribution partner for selling government securities (SBN). In this case, Bibit partners with Stockbit Sekuritas to manage the recording and storage of investors' SBN Investor Fund Accounts. Furthermore, Sigit emphasized that education is important for retail customers in the midst of fake investment flows. Meanwhile, 91% of Bibit's customers come from under 35 years of age. Regarding stocks, to provide an opportunity for people to learn stocks from scratch, Stockbit presents the Stockbit Academy, which can be accessed for free. "The importance of product education to retail customers is because we don't want stocks to be used as tools for speculation. We want stocks to be used as investment tools," he said. Meanwhile, regarding crypto assets and other digital assets, his party admitted that they are still taking a cautious attitude towards investing in one of these commodities. Because for him an investment must bring a compounding effect. "What we want to offer young people, parents, is investing, not speculating. Again, never say never, we will see the development of existing products and developments with the regulations we are in," he concluded. According to him, the majority of retail investors in the country still need education and experience to go for more aggressive instruments. In a sense, in investing, investors need to understand their risk profile, investment objectives, and personal financial situation. Also, don't forget to diversify your investment portfolio. Also read: Binomo, Mau Cuan Gede Even Apes… The platform, which was recorded to have collaborated with Deddy Corbuzier as a brand ambassador, has recorded managed funds reaching more than IDR 5 trillion in mid-2021. Seed's name was striking at the beginning of the year because it received two fresh funds during the first semester of 2021.

65 million for the Series B round in May 2021. Bibit's strategic investors in the latest funding round include Sequoia Capital India, Prosus Ventures, Tencent, and Harvard Management Company, as well as support from long-time investors, namely AC Ventures and East Ventures. Bibit is a mutual fund and SBN investment application to help novice investors start investing and achieve their financial goals without commission fees. Currently, Bibit is the leading Robo Advisory platform in Indonesia, which is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as a Selling Agent for Mutual Funds (APERD) and appointed by the Ministry of Finance as the Official SBN Distribution Partner. Seeds are part of PT Stockbit Investasi Bersama, together with Stockbit.

Hajj travel costs vary between domiciles of departure.

With a wide selection of savings products provided by banks, individuals have the option of saving their money. However, for the needs of the pilgrimage, ordinary savings may not be suitable. Many banks provide Hajj savings products. Bank customers who plan to go for Hajj can choose the best Hajj savings from 2021 to 2022. If you still need more detailed information about the savings, then Qoala will be happy to provide the information needed. You may not be the only person who is looking for information about savings that are suitable for worshiping the holy land. What is Hajj Savings? What is Hajj savings and how is it different from the savings you currently have? This one savings is a savings that is devoted to preparing for the pilgrimage. By having this type of savings, the cost when going for Hajj will not be too heavy. So it is very different from Umrah, with a cheaper cost, you can see the difference between Hajj and Umrah in other Qoala articles. Hajj travel costs vary between domiciles of departure. For example, to be able to open this type of savings at BNI Syariah, the requirements are quite easy. If you are a BNI bank customer and want to have a savings account that is intended to save funds for Hajj needs, then you can ask bank employees about how to open a savings account and the amount of the initial deposit. However, again, you must understand the differences between each product offered from each bank, including BNI Syariah Hajj savings vs Bank Mandiri Syariah or with products from other banks as well.

The benefits obtained from this savings are as follows.

It can be said that this savings is a long-term savings, where the funds are not taken before the specified time limit. In other words, you can't take your savings until you collect a certain amount of applicable hajj fees. For urgent purposes, the owner or customer of this savings can transfer their savings. However, you must follow the procedures set by the bank. In addition, they may also be subject to fines or penalties as sanctions. Then why should you save in the bank? Hajj requires a lot of money. By saving in the bank, you will be more consistent. In general, there are several benefits of choosing savings for the purpose of your worship at certain banks, such as BRI or BNI. The benefits obtained from this savings are as follows. Saving large amounts of money is not an easy matter. Security is one of the risks that lurk. Fortunately, you choose to save in a bank by choosing a savings provided specifically for Hajj funds. So, the money or funds that will be allocated for the purposes of the pilgrimage is safer and less risky. If you have a conventional savings account, then you can make a savings deposit through that account. Auto-debit withdrawals from other accounts to Hajj accounts provide convenience. In fact, you don't have to bother making deposits and you don't have to worry about forgetting to deposit money into your Hajj account.

Through savings for the pilgrimage, individuals can more easily get a portion of hajj departures.

To be able to enjoy the auto-debit facility to your Hajj account, make sure your account must always have a minimum balance of a number of Hajj routine deposits. Savings held in one of the banks allows you to get a portion of Hajj departures. This means, you can anticipate the Hajj queue. It also lets you know when or in what year you can go on pilgrimage to the house of Allah. Through savings for the pilgrimage, individuals can more easily get a portion of hajj departures. This is because the savings provider bank has a system that is connected to the Ministry of Religion's SISKOHAT. You and other customers will get a portion of the Hajj departure after the balance reaches the nominal according to the requirements from the Ministry of Religion. Usually above IDR 25,000,000 but depends on each bank. Before opening a savings account for the purpose of your worship at a particular bank, there's nothing wrong with studying the simulation to find out how much funds are needed and how long it should take to collect. In fact, it is even recommended that you know everything related to the plan of worship to the holy land. To be able to make a simulation, there are several things that need to be considered, such as when you want to go to Hajj. You can get the simulation in several ways.

One of them is by utilizing online simulation applications or websites that can automatically help create simulations. Thus, you will get an estimated cost of going for Hajj per person. Or when you go to the bank, you can ask a bank employee to help calculate the estimated cost of Hajj. A simulation will be given and you can estimate how much money or funds must be prepared based on the simulation obtained. Because this simulation is an estimate or an estimate not an absolute cost, don't get too hung up on the nominal. The point is, you still have to plan the budget as much as possible. It could be that the cost of Hajj departure is lower or higher than the estimate. Did you know that not only saving, but having insurance is equally important for good and proper financial planning? Find the best sharia insurance options as part of your financial planning for a bright future here! If you don't want to choose conventional savings, there is another option, namely sharia Hajj savings. As the name suggests, this Hajj savings contract is carried out according to sharia. The customer cannot withdraw money from the savings account because it is intended for the purpose of Hajj or Umrah. If conventional savings can be easily taken or withdrawn at any time when you have a need, it is different with savings for your Islamic worship purposes. For sharia Hajj savings, in general, the way it works is the same as conventional Hajj savings. After the customer states the purpose of opening the account and the bank chooses the savings product that he wants, the customer will make a deposit. Meanwhile, the bank will help save the customer's funds and issue it at the time of departure of the customer's Hajj.

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