Why can't I withdraw money at an ATM even though there is a balance?

Confused About Financial Products? You can chat directly and receive the best offers from the experts. Please note that the only thing that can help solve problems with your personal account is the customer service of the bank issuing the ATM card. Please contact the Bank's authorized customer service. Most customers will panic when the money withdrawn from the ATM machine cannot be taken or does not come out, even though he feels that the money withdrawal transaction has been processed. This incident is not a new thing experienced by ATM customers. What to do when you experience this? Is it true that your balance has been deducted even though you did not receive money from the ATM machine? We will discuss common problems with cash on ATM cards not being able to withdraw cash and how to solve them in this article. So that you no longer panic if you experience a similar problem.

39;t panic or leave the ATM machine immediately.

Moreover, money transaction activities at ATM machines have become a daily activity these days, right? ATM plays a big role in financial activities because it can replace the role of banks, especially tellers and customer service. The existence of ATM machines is also spread in various public places, especially malls or shopping centers so that customers do not have to go to the bank according to bank operating hours to make transactions. Have you ever panicked because the money you wanted to take from the ATM didn't come out? Even though the transaction information shows the money withdrawal has been processed. When you check the balance, there is a balance deduction. This incident can happen to anyone for several reasons. Please note, the working process of the ATM machine is connected to the internet network that connects the machine with the bank that owns the ATM or other banks (ATM Link). Well, when the internet network has problems or is disconnected when you make a transaction at an ATM machine, the transaction will be rejected. Another reason is that the funds stored in the ATM machine have run out so they cannot process money withdrawals. So, even if you have pressed the withdrawal button, you will not receive any money. There are also cases where money at ATMs cannot be withdrawn in cash because the transaction time has run out. In this case, the ATM card will automatically exit and you will have to repeat the process from the beginning. There are also special reasons, such as experienced by customers who own BRI and BNI ATM cards who cannot withdraw cash. For the second case, we will discuss this bank ATM further in the article below. Although the causes vary, when you experience an ATM card that cannot withdraw cash, don't panic or leave the ATM machine immediately. Even if the money doesn't come out during withdrawal, your nominal money will return to your account balance.

Indeed, the return process does not occur immediately. ATM machines take time to detect errors that occur. Then, the machine will recalculate the money that came out with the cash withdrawal transaction you did. The ATM machine will send transaction data to the server, such as transaction number, account number, withdrawal hours, and the nominal amount withdrawn. Through this data, the bank will verify the data. If it is true that an error has occurred on the ATM machine, your deducted money will be automatically returned to your account in approximately one to two hours. Some banks also send SMS notifications to your registered cellphone. If you have waited for two hours but the deducted funds have not returned, you can report this problem to the bank concerned. The reporting process can be done through a 24-hour call center service or visiting the nearest bank branch office. Remember, you have to contact the bank that issued the ATM card, not the bank that owns the ATM machine. For example, you are a BRI ATM card user who withdraws cash at a BCA ATM machine. So, the process of reporting the ATM card cannot withdraw cash must be done to the BRI bank. For the reporting process, you must prepare some information regarding the failure to withdraw the money. In addition to requesting this information, customer service will ask several questions to process complaints. For example, your full name, date of birth, and the name of the birth mother of the account holder to make sure you are the legal owner of the ATM card.

There is a possibility that the bank may take longer to process the refund.

After everything is correct, the conversation can be continued by conveying the complaints that occurred. Customer Service through the call center will help all customers to make reports on the events experienced. After reporting, you will be asked to wait for management from the bank. The duration varies according to the policy of each bank. Usually, between 10-21 days. This duration is needed so that the bank can verify the data. After the verification process, your money will be automatically returned to the account. If by the deadline for verifying the deducted funds have not entered your account, you can re-confirm with the bank. There is a possibility that the bank may take longer to process the refund. So, so you don't worry, confirm with the bank, OK?

To be sure, if your complaint process has been approved by the bank, the funds that were deducted due to the technical error will be returned immediately. In addition to the machine or internet network error factor, the problem of money not coming out when ATM cash withdrawals can also be caused by a disabled card. Cases like this are experienced by many BRI ATM card customers. Disabled ATM cards are simply cards that are blocked by the bank. When you try to make a transaction at an ATM, a notification will appear on the ATM machine monitor that your Card Failed Transaction is Disabled. The reason the BRI ATM card cannot withdraw cash because it is disabled can be due to a lost card or a suspicious transaction. In the case of a lost card, BRI will block the card according to customer reporting. After reporting, BRI will send a notification regarding the status of the card via short message (SMS).

So BRI decided to block ATM cards for security reasons.

For that, make sure the active mobile number is the same as the number you used when opening an account. Meanwhile, the reason for disabling is due to suspicious transactions or skimming that will be carried out automatically by BRI. You entered the wrong ATM PIN three times in a row. The BRI ATM card PIN has not been changed for a long time. So BRI decided to block ATM cards for security reasons. The customer's account burglary. Therefore, BRI advises its customers to regularly update the PIN number and maintain its confidentiality. BRI also encourages customers to make transactions through BRI ATMs, not third-party ATMs. How do you deal with disabled BRI ATM cards? Easy. You can unblock or enable the card with the help of customer service at BRI branch bank offices or BRI call center services at 14017 or 1500017. Meanwhile, the call center for BRI Syariah is 1500789. Customer service will immediately handle your complaint to the bank. Or you can enable the BRI card independently via a smartphone or laptop. Select OK to complete the card activation process. Enable the BRI ATM card by entering the internet banking passcode. Then, What Are the Special Causes of the BNI ATM Card Cannot Withdraw Cash?

This is different from the problem with the BNI ATM card being unable to withdraw cash. If you are a BNI card holder, do you know about dormant accounts? Failure to withdraw cash from a BNI ATM could be due to your account being dormant. A dormant account is an account that is passive or sleeping, meaning that there is no banking activity. BNI has a rule that customer accounts that do not make financial transactions for six months and are below the minimum balance will be categorized into dormant accounts. Therefore the bank deactivated the account. To avoid this, you should stay active in financial transactions on a regular basis, even if it's just checking your balance. A dormant account can also result in a depleted account balance for payment of administrative fees. Therefore, immediately reactivate your account status. It's easy. You can ask for customer service assistance at the nearest BNI branch office. Complete your arrival with supporting documents, such as a passbook, original identity card, and an ATM card. If your account balance is below the minimum balance, for re-activation you will be subject to a minimum cash deposit of IDR 100,000. This minimum cash deposit cannot be withdrawn in cash, yes.

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You can also submit a request to re-open your account status through BNI's 24-hour call center service. If you have a problem with your ATM card not being able to withdraw cash as described above, you can report it by visiting the bank's branch office or call center service. The choice of visiting a branch bank office is indeed more complicated. You have to come during bank operating hours and maybe the location is far from where you live. Hopefully the discussion about why ATM cards cannot withdraw cash in this article can be a reference and information for those of you who experience similar problems. Remember not to panic and worry about money not coming out even though the transaction has been processed. Panic will actually encourage you to act unwisely. The problem of money not coming out when withdrawing will definitely be handled by the bank. The savings balance will return in full without deductions because this is the bank's fault. If you are still having trouble with withdrawing money at an ATM or you want to find out more information about a BNI, BRI, or other bank debit card, immediately consult a banking expert at MoneyDuck by clicking the Free Consultation button below. Confused About Financial Products? You can chat directly and receive the best offers from the experts.

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