Why can't the website be accessed

Websites that use any platform such as WordPress or others, must have experienced errors. The error that occurs can be in the form of an inaccessible website or something else. Moreover, the website is made for business purposes, you may lose a lot of potential customers because the website cannot be accessed. In fact, it is not uncommon for a business's reputation to decline because the website cannot be accessed properly. Therefore, you should be able to deal with it immediately. Well in this article we will share some ways to overcome the website cannot be accessed. However, before discussing technically how to solve an inaccessible website, we should know the reasons why the website cannot be accessed. Because by knowing the cause, it is hoped that you can do prevention as early as possible. So don't wait for a website error first. Let's see together! There are many things that can cause a website to be inaccessible.

Check if the domain name has expired.

And you can find out some of the causes based on the error messages that appear such as the 404 Not Found, 403 Forbidden, 500 Internal Server Error and so on which usually the error message will appear on the browser screen. Check the DNS settings as well as the nameservers of the domain name you are using. Check if the domain name has expired. Check again whether the Index file is still in place or not, it could also be that the file is empty. Internet network connection is having problems. The firewall has blocked the IP of the computer you are using. The computer you are using is infected with a trojan virus. The.htaccess file encountered an error. If you already know some of the reasons why your website can't be accessed, it's time to learn how to fix them. We already know some of the reasons why websites cannot be accessed, so fix them as soon as possible so that visitors don't switch to your competitors' websites. If you are confused about how to solve the website cannot be accessed based on the causes above, then we recommend following the discussion to completion. Already know the function of nameservers?

Step 5: Select Use custom nameservers (enter below) and enter the correct nameservers.

Yes, the nameserver serves to provide the domain IP address so that the website can be accessed properly using the domain name. However, sometimes some users or website owners enter the wrong nameservers, so the website cannot be accessed. Step 1: Login to Exabytes Indonesia member area. Step 3: Choose a domain name from the website that cannot be accessed, click the screwdriver icon to enter the manage domain page. Step 4: When the domain settings page opens, select the name server in the Manage section. Step 5: Select Use custom nameservers (enter below) and enter the correct nameservers. Step 6: Click the Update button. This name server change will usually take approximately the next 2-4 hours.

Errors when setting DNS is one of the causes of the website cannot be accessed. Usually the inaccessibility of the website will occur a few hours after you make a DNS change. So even if the DNS is wrong, usually the website can still be accessed within a few hours. However, it will suddenly become inaccessible a few hours later. Step 1: Right-click on the network icon on your PC and select Open the Network and Sharing Center. Step 2: Right-click on the connection for which you want to change the DNS and click Properties. Step 3: After the Properties tab appears, click Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/Ipv4) and click the Properties menu. Step 5: After changing DNS, click OK to save the settings you have done.

How, has the problem been resolved? If not, let's move on to the next method! The website cannot be accessed because there is a problem with the internet connection you are using. The first thing you should do is check the connection from your computer to the website server where your site is stored. Step 1: Click Start, open CMD and Enter. If the information that appears is the same as the image above, it indicates that your internet connection is completely disconnected. Then try to restart your internet network first and if it has been restarted try to test again. 4) it indicates the internet connection is running smoothly. If what appears is Request Timed out, it is a sign that the connection is not stable and if this happens, we recommend contacting the internet service provider you are using. One of the other reasons why the website cannot be accessed is because the domain name has already expired. When the domain has entered the expiration period, the domain will be locked and redirected to another page. After the expiration period ends, usually the domain will enter the domain deleted period and if it has entered this period, the possibility of restoring costs is quite high. Therefore, before entering the deleted period, you should renew the domain as soon as possible. You can contact your domain provider to renew and verify its status.

39;s just that a virus like this trojan is blocking access.

When you find the website cannot be accessed, it could be because your IP is blocked by a firewall. The reason could be due to repeated incorrect logins to cPanel, too often to refresh the browser, or even being hit by a DOS attack. Today there are many viruses and spyware that can prevent you from using your internet connection properly. Actually the internet connection on your computer is still running as usual, it's just that a virus like this trojan is blocking access. How to overcome this can be done by scanning the computer using the latest antivirus that can deal with viruses, spyware or trojans. Errors when writing in the.htaccess file can cause the website to be inaccessible with an error message 500 Internal Server Error or it could be because there is a configuration in the.htaccess file that is not recognized by the server. The fix is ​​to restore the original.htaccess file that you edited earlier.

The website cannot be accessed, it could be because the website is down and one of the reasons the website is down is the server status is down. When you can't access the website, it could be because the website is down. One of the causes of a website down is the server status is down which is usually indicated by an error message 502 Web server is down. Well, to overcome it only a few steps. Step 2: Type the name of your website which is down. Step 3: After that, you will get information in the form of when the website responded, information on when it was last down and the server status at that time. How can it be overcome? If still not, maybe the next method can be a solution. If the previous method still can't solve the problem of the website being inaccessible, maybe you should have changed the web hosting service you used.

Because the hosting you are currently using is of poor quality. This quality can be in terms of server technology used to less than optimal maintenance. So the best solution is to switch to a better hosting service. Especially from the features and facilities such as high uptime and having brotli. Exabytes Indonesia is an Indonesian web hosting service that provides high uptime, so the possibility of the server being down for a long time is very low. So it is unlikely that the website cannot be accessed because the server is down. You can use the available hosting promos if you want to move now. The next way to solve the inaccessible website is to reset the TCP/IP Address, why? Because the website may not be accessible due to an IP conflict or a blocked IP. Step 1: Click the Start button and type CMD in the computer search field. Step 2: Type ipconfig /release to remove the existing configuration. Step 3: Type ipconfig /all to display all IP addresses as well as DNS configuration. Step 4: Type ipconfig/renew to reconfigure the network settings. Step 5: Enter the command netsh int ip reset and hit enter.

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