Why Chrome Connection is Reset

RESET in Google Chrome. This RESET indicates that the browser cannot connect to the server of the website you want to visit. This error is usually caused by a connection problem on the client side, which is definitely annoying for those of you who experience it. The RESET is actually quite easy to follow. Well, in this tutorial, we will discuss 7 ways to solve this error and explain the cause of the ERR CONNECTION RESET problem. RESET is a problem that occurs when the connection to the website server does not connect successfully. In short, the website fails to load because the server cannot send data to your browser. If you use another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer, you may get a similar message, such as "The connection was reset" or "Hmmm… 't reach this page". RESET is more commonly caused by a problem with your internet connection (client-side) than a problem with the website you are trying to visit (server-side). Network device problem. Your network device or router may be experiencing problems, such as overheating. An overheated router can make the internet connection slow, even dead.

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VPN crashes. The purpose of a VPN is to protect web privacy and increase freedom of access. Unfortunately, VPN servers sometimes experience issues that also mess up the internet connection. Antivirus or firewall problem. Antivirus programs and firewalls protect your computer from viruses and malware. But these programs can sometimes mistakenly identify secure websites as threats, resulting in blocked connections. The browser cache is not updating. In browser applications, cache is one method to increase loading speed and personalization. Unfortunately, a browser cache that is never updated can cause connection problems. Bad proxies. Proxies help protect the identity of internet users by masking the IP address. However, proxies can also experience problems, such as bad proxies. This can also make the internet connection disconnected. The TCP/IP configuration is incorrect or corrupt. The computer can connect to the internet as long as the TCP/IP settings are correct. If the settings are incorrect or corrupted, you could experience connection problems. Client-side errors like ERR CONNECTION RESET are not difficult to deal with and you can fix them yourself. You just need to fix the device settings or deal with the potential interference with the internet connection.

We will also explain each of these methods step by step so that you can follow them easily.

Come on, see the steps to solve it below. Next we will discuss the steps to overcome the ERR CONNECTION RESET. We will also explain each of these methods step by step so that you can follow them easily. For a more detailed explanation, let's look at the discussion of these points below. RESET often happens on the client side. Indeed, this error could have been caused by the website you visited. However, this is very rare. So, the first thing you need to do is check if the website is accessible to everyone. Try asking someone else to go to the website to see if the problem is your device or the website. To check if the website is down, use an online tool to check the website server such as Is It Down Right Now? Just type the website URL into the field provided, then press Enter. If it turns out that the website server is down, you inevitably have to wait until the admin handles the problem. If the website experiencing the problem is your own, contact the web hosting provider and ask if the server is experiencing downtime. However, if the website is still accessible to others, proceed to the next method below. VPNs do provide many benefits, including protecting your privacy and allowing you to access content that is only accessible in certain regions.

Sometimes, the information in the browser cache is not updated, which can cause connection problems.

But, of course, VPNs also have their drawbacks, and sometimes even cause network connection problems. If you are using a VPN, you should disconnect it for a while, then try to access the problematic website again. To disconnect the VPN, open your VPN client. 1. Open the NordVPN client. 2. Make sure you are indeed connected to the server. 3. Select how long you want to pause the VPN connection. If the error message still appears, try the other methods below. Network connection issues can often be resolved simply by turning your network device or router off and on again. As the fastest and easiest method, it's certainly a must try whenever you experience internet problems. To do so, simply unplug the router's power cable. Wait about 10-30 seconds, then plug the cable in again. If the problem is not resolved, try opening the website using another device connected to the same network. If the error message still appears, try contacting your internet provider. Google Chrome stores data in cache to speed up loading and personalize the web for its users. Sometimes, the information in the browser cache is not updated, which can cause connection problems. Clear browsing data (Clear browsing data).

Click Clear data. Antivirus and firewall are very important to protect your computer.

2. From the Time range drop-down menu, select All. 3. Be sure to check all browsing data, including browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files. Click Clear data. Antivirus and firewall are very important to protect your computer. However, some firewall and antivirus software can mistakenly block websites that are actually safe. If you are sure that the website you are trying to visit is harmless, try temporarily disabling your antivirus and firewall, and see if this fixes the connection reset error. The steps for disabling the firewall and antivirus will vary depending on the software you are using. Check the documentation if you don't know how to disable it. 2. Click Virus & threat protection. 3. In the Virus & threat protection settings section, select Manage settings.

4. Disable Real-time protection. Open Firewall & network protection. 1. Open each network profile, domain network, private network, and public network, then disable Microsoft Defender Firewall. After trying this method, don't forget to reactivate your antivirus and firewall software. Because, if it is disabled for too long, your computer can be attacked by viruses and malware. A proxy is a system that protects privacy by masking your real IP address. Unfortunately, proxies can also cause problems such as overloading or server downtime. If you are using a proxy, try turning off the connection to that proxy for a while. 2. Open the Connections tab. 3. Select the LAN settings option. 4. Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN. 5. Check Automatically detect settings. 2. Select the internet connection that is being used. 4. In the Select a protocol to configure section, uncheck all protocols, then click OK. TCP/IP is one of the most important elements that allow computers to connect to the internet.

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