Why Im3 can't be used

They don't know how to solve the error problem on their Indosat card, especially IM3 Ooredoo card users. As a result, Indosat Ooredoo's quota is wasted and cannot be enjoyed to access the internet. Actually, problems like this are not experienced by just one person, but many users. Generally, the unusable Indosat quota occurs when the user purchases the Indosat Internet Freedom package. Although several other users also experienced the same thing on the different types of Indosat packages they purchased. So, how to overcome the unusable Indosat Ooredoo internet quota? You can read more information below! Before proceeding to resolve the Indosat internet package cannot be used, you should first know what factors are the cause.

However, sometimes the APN setting does not work properly when used on a smartphone.

Knowing this will make it easier for us to make improvements, as well as be able to take precautions so that the same problem does not happen again. The main reason why local quotas or other Indosat Ooredoo quotas cannot be used is because the card has not been registered. The government does require all provider cards to be registered first by sending their NIK and KK Number. After successfully confirming that the NIK and KK Number data are correct, you can use the Indosat card. By default Indosat Ooredoo APN is set automatically by the provider. However, sometimes the APN setting does not work properly when used on a smartphone. It could also be because the user changed the Indosat default APN settings so that the card made an error. Another factor that makes Indosat's main quota unusable is because the Indosat SIM card cannot be read or detected by the cellphone. This can be due to many things, be it the age of the SIM card, the brass part of the SIM card that is scratched or even damaged, and so on. A SIM card that is not read by an HP device can't be used for the internet quota in it. The Indosat Ooredoo provider always prioritizes the convenience of its customers in accessing the Indosat network.

That's why they routinely perform server maintenance in order to make improvements and add features. When server maintenance is in progress, the Indosat network will be turned off and users will not be able to access the network temporarily. However, sometimes some users think this is due to damage or errors on the cellphone or Indosat SIM card they are using. For this reason, this one is specifically for those of you who have more than one type of active internet package on your Indosat card. For example, Indosat's Freedom Internet package cannot be used. This could be because there are other internet packages that are active on the Indosat Ooredoo card.

In addition to the Freedom Indosat package, it can also be the Main Quota package, Local Quota, or million Kuota Unlimited which cannot be used due to other active packages. On Android phones it allows us to set the Network Mode in it. We can set the HP network to only 2G mode, 2G and 3G only, 4G LTE only, or activate all these network modes. It could be that you currently set the network mode on your cellphone to 2G or 3G, while the Indosat quota that you have only applies to the 4G network. Of course, this makes Indosat Ooredoo's 4G quota unusable. On the Android system, errors or bugs can occur that make the smartphone device not function normally. This can also have an impact on the network system which makes HP unable to access the internet, even though currently there is still a lot of internet quota.

Click the Add icon to send a new message.

Some providers, especially Indosat, enforce a local quota policy that can only be accessed in certain cities. For example, if you buy a local quota and activate it in city A, of course the quota will not be used if you access the internet network in city B or other cities. Now on to how to deal with Indosat Ooredoo internet packages that cannot be used, even though the quota is still there. It's really easy, even those of you who are still laymen can do it without any problems. The first way you need to do is by registering an Indosat Ooredoo card. As explained above, an Indosat card that has not been registered with a NIK and KK Number will not be able to be used. Open the Message menu on the HP. Click the Add icon to send a new message. Then press the Send button. The stuck internet finger can be caused by an error in the android system. To fix this, you only need to restart or restart your android phone. This method is claimed to be very effective for solving various minor error problems on HP, including network problems. Simply press and hold the Power / Power button until several options appear on the screen. Then you tap or select Restart HP, then the HP will restart by itself. Some people believe that by resetting the Indosat APN, the resulting internet network will be faster and more stable for certain activities. However, if the network does not change the default APN settings, the Indosat network will become an error, it can't even be used to access the internet at all. Open the Settings menu on the HP. Go to Connection options and select Mobile Network.

Then click on the Access Point Name option. Then select SIM1 or SIM2, according to the location of the Indosat card you are using and want to change the APN settings. Select the Indosatgprs option or click Add to create a new APN. If you have, you click the Three Dots icon in the upper right corner, then select Save. An Indosat card that cannot be used to access the internet can also be caused by a problem with the SIM card. Be it a faulty SIM card, in grace period, or something else. Try to remove the SIM card, then clean the brass with a rubber pencil eraser. Make sure there are no dirt or scratches on the part. If the condition of the SIM card is no longer possible to use, then you can replace the SIM card through Indosat outlets. Meanwhile, if the SIM card turns out to be in the grace period, it is certain that the internet quota in it cannot be used. You need to extend the active period of the Indosat card first so that the internet quota can be used. Many people ask why Indosat's Freedom internet package can't be used? The best answer is because there are other internet packages that are active on your Indosat card.

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