Why Laptop Touchpad not Working after Reinstall

The name of the laptop must have had problems. One of them is a situation where the laptop's touchpad doesn't work as it should. Don't panic, a faulty (or not working) touchpad can be caused by outdated drivers, viruses, recently installed programs, recently reinstalled Windows, accidentally disabled the touchpad, or simply because the laptop is charging! If you are one of the victims, calm down. Here are some causes and solutions for touchpad not working! This is the most common cause. F6 (Check in the f1 to f12 line which has a touchpad icon). 1. Go to the Start Menu (Windows logo). 3. You will find Device Settings. 4. Enable touchpad display when find touchpad inactive status. 2. Pay attention to the options at the bottom. 3. Click Additional Mouse Options. Mouse Properties will appear. 5. Device Settings will appear. 6. Pay attention to whether it is active or not.

39;t work, try unplugging the charger and maybe the problem will be solved.

7. If it is not active, immediately activate it with the features provided. If the two methods above still don't give results as expected, then the thing you can do is fix it directly to the service center. Especially if your laptop is still under warranty. Why? Because if the methods above don't work, it's almost certain that your touchpad has a hardware problem. Unlike a keyboard that doesn't work, swapping your touchpad for another laptop's touchpad (to test the location of the damage) is quite difficult, and is not recommended as it could damage other parts. If you're charging your laptop when the touchpad doesn't work, try unplugging the charger and maybe the problem will be solved. One of the causes of the touchpad not working properly is due to a problem with the charger. It could be that the charger is not original or damaged, causing the work function to be no longer optimal. Another cause is an unstable power source, that's why often the touchpad doesn't work properly when visiting a new place where he's not used to the electrical conditions. If the touchpad doesn't work when it's charging, the solution is to buy a new original charger, or it's as simple as looking for another power plug (plug). New chargers are expensive? Not bad, but the quality is definitely worth it. If indeed your touchpad doesn't work because the driver hasn't been updated, the steps below can be a solution (use an external mouse first if the touchpad is totally damaged).

1. Go to the Start Menu (Windows Logo). 2. Type "Device Manager" and click the program that appears. 3. Find Your PC and double click Mice and other pointing devices. 4. Right click and select Update Driver Software. 5. Select Search automatically for driver software update, then click next step. Continue according to the steps given, and the system should update the touchpad driver automatically. Read: Can laptop processors be replaced? Today's mice usually only need to be plugged in, then immediately use without the need to install anything. But there is a possibility that your laptop has had a mouse driver installed, especially on an old laptop/mouse because usually older items still need drivers. Because the mouse and touchpad both function to move the cursor, it could be that they are "battling over" so that one of them doesn't work. What you should try first is to unplug all external mice from the laptop. If you can't, try uninstalling the mouse's default software (you can reinstall it later). 1. Press the Windows Logo key. 2. Type "Device Manager" and select the program that appears. 3. Click the arrow to the left of Mice and Other Pointing Devices.

4. Right-click on the software that appears below it. Now you have successfully removed the mouse software that might be the cause of the touchpad not working. If it works, please enjoy your laptop, but if not, please continue reading. When the laptop's touchpad doesn't work after reinstalling, you must feel confused and annoyed. Do not panic! When a laptop's touchpad doesn't work after reinstalling, usually the problem lies in the format or system that was not right when the reinstall was done. That's why you must pay close attention. Both from the system, format, MBR, boot system, and so on. The system or format must work properly. Do not be forced or take shortcuts for all the formats that exist on the laptop. The point is when the laptop's touchpad doesn't work properly, don't panic and stay calm. Check and pay attention to what caused this to happen so you know what the right steps are for the next step. Chances are quite small the touchpad of a laptop suddenly disabled from the BIOS. But you can try this method if some of the previous methods have not succeeded in solving your touchpad problem. 1. Turn off the laptop, then turn it on again. 2. Immediately the screen turns on, enter the BIOS by pressing Del, F2, F8, F10, or F12 repeatedly.

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Just like the previous method, where the BIOS display for each motherboard is also different. But basically look for a menu that says Internal Pointing Device to change the touchpad settings of a laptop. Another step you can take is to turn on the touchpad. Sometimes the touchpad can turn off if you plug in an external mouse. 3. Click the Touchpad toggle to On. 4. You can check Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected if you want the touchpad to stay on. This method is an easy way but is often experienced by novice users. In addition, on some laptops there is a shortcut to turn off / turn on the mouse. Check according to your laptop. In addition, on some laptops there is a "touchpad disable zone" which is usually located on the upper left side of the touchpad. It could be that this button is pressed and causes the touchpad to turn off, try turning it on by pressing the same button. This special method can be done only for those of you who have a hybrid laptop with a touchscreen. There is a possibility that the Tablet PC Input Service, which functions to control the touchscreen and stylus, interferes with the touchpad. One option is to turn off this function, and sacrifice the functionality of the stylus you have. 2. Scroll down, and look for TabletInputService or Tablet PC Input Service options. This way the stylus function will be turned off, and there is a possibility that the damage to the touchpad can be repaired immediately afterwards. That's our review of a laptop touchpad that doesn't work. Digital marketer ITB Physics graduate. Working on SEO for several tech companies. That's what's wrong with the app.? How to Check WiFi Passwords That Have Been Connected!

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