Why Shopee is slow even though the network is good

If so, maybe you need to know some of the causes in this review. After discussing why Shopee notifications don't appear on cellphones, it doesn't feel like it's okay not to explore the causes of slow shopee and how to overcome them. Have you ever participated in a flash sale or game event in the Shopee application? But when it's fun to shop or play games, the application becomes slow and difficult to open or even errors. Slow or more often referred to as 'lola' which means long loading is an obstacle that is often experienced by several applications with large data storage capacity and cache, especially the Shopee application. 1 Why is the Shopee Application Slow? Why is the Shopee Application Slow? Loading when opening the application takes a long time (usually more than 2 minutes). During transactions such as buying products (Checkout) for buyers or uploading images for sellers, the application feels heavy or does not respond. In the application, an error notification appears, for example, the Shopee account is frozen.

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It says the application does not respond and closes itself (Force Close). The slow Shopee application is usually caused by an interruption in the Shopee application service, problems with the internet connection on your cellphone or because your cellphone is slow due to low storage capacity. The way to fix it is a slow Shopee depending on the problem, for phones that do not support the Shopee application, it can be solved by deleting the application cache and freeing storage capacity by deleting some applications or media. When opened, the slow Shopee application will usually be indicated by loading that is not completed but the transaction is not completed. Another indication, Shopee is slow even though a good network is usually marked by the appearance of an error notification after loading the application for a long time. Usually occurs after the Shopee application maintenance process is complete. In addition to cellphones, slow opening of Shopee on laptops also often occurs because basically the services in the Shopee application are experiencing problems due to maintenance or application updates. Continuous loading - When looking for products, the Shopee application usually doesn't have a picture because it's loading continuously. Usually caused by problems with a lost internet connection. Notification appears - The continuous slowness of the shopee application is also marked by the appearance of an error notification in your shopee account. Force close - Shopee is difficult to access and then suddenly exits itself is an early indication of the reason why the Shopee application is slow when opened on a cellphone or laptop.

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Shopee does not display images - If the Shopee application is slow, usually images in shopee search results will not be able to be displayed. The shopee application feels slow, this will certainly harm sellers and buyers who use smartphones in shopping and selling. Shopee login failed so the application cannot be used for shopping. Failed Checkout Shopee so you can't make payment for the order. Missed important events such as flash sales, Discounts and Shopee Birtday Sale events. Cannot sell such as uploading new products, updating products and updating product titles and descriptions. Unable to process new orders such as replying to chats, uploading receipts and changing order status. Reducing store performance can even subject the shop to a penalty from the Shopee team. Besides some of the losses that every Shopee user might experience due to a failed Shopee application, you will also feel very irritated and 'frustrated' due to this problem. For that, you have to know what are the causes of the Shopee application error because it is slow and how to overcome it below.

So the application becomes slow and crashes.

The shopee application cannot be opened, it can be solved easily on the condition that you must first know the cause. The first reason why the Shopee application is slow is due to problems with the cellphone when using the Shopee application. When the storage space on the cellphone is full, there is usually a notification from the smartphone "some system maybe not function" or "not enough space". Just like other applications, if the phone's storage capacity is too full it can result in the phone being slow and can even hang. This is due to the principle of the mobile phone storage media itself. When opening the application, the phone will load it first in RAM (Random access memory), but when it is full, the phone will try to write to the storage media. The problem will occur when there is no free space to write cache data present in the application. So the application becomes slow and crashes. It's like you're writing at your desk full of books, when you move your book to a drawer, it turns out that the drawer is also full.

The solution: Delete other applications that are not or rarely used, move old photos to online storage media such as Google Drive or Google Photos, then delete downloaded files that are no longer used. Take a look at the applications that are running in the background of your phone, it could be that the application can run without you knowing it. Sometimes bloatware can come from installing game applications, cleaner applications, news applications that carry advertisements, and others. The program makers may insert applications that make your phone's processor continue to work even when you're not using it. The solution: It's a good idea to check all apps and remove suspicious apps. Usually some brands of mobile phones have bloatware applications that cannot be removed, this should be disabled from the application settings. The next error that can make the Shopeepay feature slow is that background applications or better known as recent apps are not deleted. Of course this will slow down the performance of the smartphone, especially in opening heavy applications at the same time. This happens because the smartphone OS takes time to respond to the features that the user wants to open while the Cache of applications that are still running is still quite large. The solution: To overcome the many responses needed by the smartphone processor to open the application, you should regularly clean background applications by clicking the recent apps button and then clicking the X button to delete all applications that are open in the background.

Sometimes the Shopee application consumes cache storage space that is already too large, while the phone's memory storage capacity is limited. This happens when you frequently open the Shopee application, for example when viewing feeds or products, the existing images and text will be temporarily stored in the storage space on your phone, this is called cache. So the application does not need to re-download the images and text. If the cache is too large, the Shopee application will feel slow and often hangs because it takes up your phone's storage space. The solution: Open settings, then enter the application, search for the Shopee application. Then clear cache / clear cache. You may need to re-login the Shopee app. Maybe there are some files in the Shopee application on the cellphone that are corrupt or missing so that the application often crashes.

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