Why the Motorcycle Handlebar is not Stable

A comfortable motorbike to drive is not just a wide seat, but also the condition of the handlebars. The motorcycle handlebar must be balanced and stable, especially if it is often used on damaged roads. The condition of the handlebar is influenced by many parts, and if one part is damaged, the motorcycle handlebar can shake. There are several causes and ways to fix a rocking motorcycle handlebar that you can check first. Knowing the cause makes it easier for you to figure out how to fix it later in the workshop. Do not let the handlebars of the motorcycle shake while driving, because it can cause an accident. Motors that are driven every day on a regular basis can be damaged in several parts. This damage can cause the motorcycle handlebar to shake. This is common and when it occurs don't panic. If you experience this problem, there are several causes that can be checked first. It is better not to continue driving so that there is no accident. Check some of the following conditions that could be the cause of the motorcycle handlebar rocking.

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Tires are a very important part of the bike. When the tire is flat or punctured and continues to be used for walking, it can damage the condition of the wheels, including the motorcycle handlebars. There are several types of tires that are no longer suitable for use. First, there are some bumps that are caused by too often colliding with damaged roads and thin tires. The second is a flat tire, be it a puncture or a lack of air pressure. A flat tire will cause instability on the motorcycle handlebar. The third is the tire size that is not right with the motorcycle wheels. When the size is smaller, the stability of the handlebar when passing through a damaged road will decrease. The way to fix a rocking motorcycle handlebar caused by a tire is to replace it with a new one. Make sure the size of the tires with the wheels is according to the manufacturer's standards and don't buy used tires. Buy new tires that are still in good condition, not too thin so they are strong. Don't forget to also make sure the wind in the vehicle has the right pressure.

The second is because the wheels are cracked which makes the condition unstable when running.

A flat tire or too hard makes the handlebar unstable. So that it interferes with comfort while driving. The second cause could also come from the motorcycle wheels. There are several wheel conditions that make the motorcycle handlebars shake. The first is the bent wheels because the motorcycle has previously fallen or driven with a flat tire. The second is because the wheels are cracked which makes the condition unstable when running. There is a way that can be used to see the condition of these wheels. Standardize the motor with standard two, then turn the wheel and look from the front or rear. If the spinning wheel looks swaying, it means that there is a problem with the wheel, whether it's cracked or bent.

It is located on the front of the motorcycle frame, which is between the fork triangles.

The only way to solve the problem of the wheels is to replace them with new ones. You can't maintain and use bent rims or just patch up the cracks. Don't forget to keep using the right sized wheels. Komstir is part of the vehicle that is very important in controlling the speed of the motor. It is located on the front of the motorcycle frame, which is between the fork triangles. Komstir can be damaged depending on the length of use of the vehicle. The damage that usually occurs is the komstir becomes loose and causes the handlebar to be difficult to move. Signs that are felt are the handlebars become wobbly and difficult to turn. When you want to turn, the handlebar feels like it will go straight. The shape of the komstir itself is round like a donut with small balls in it.

The damage is when the balls inside start to wear out. The effect obtained is when setting the handlebars will be difficult to do. The way to fix a rocking motorcycle handlebar because of this komstir problem is to replace it with a new one. There is no other way to fix a loose komstir. Even giving lubricant will have no effect. The wheel bearing is the neck located in the center of the wheel. Its main function is to prevent the axle from rubbing directly against the wheel housing. Wheel bearings will also make the wheel rotation more stable. The damage that occurs to this wheel bearing is usually found in the spherical ball bearing inside which is broken.

The way to check whether the wheel bearings are causing the handlebars to shake is to shake the wheels to the left and right. When the wheel does not feel tight, the bearing must be damaged and the handlebar of the motorcycle will shake. If this is indeed the problem, then immediately replace the wheel bearing with a new one. Because just like komstir, when it's loose, it can't be repaired. Fortunately, these components are not too expensive, so you don't have to worry about replacement costs. The next cause is the motor mount triangle which is the component to connect the handlebars with the shockbreaker. If the left and right forks are not aligned, it will create a rocking condition on the motorcycle handlebar.

The way to find out if the motorcycle mount triangle is the cause is to check it directly. Use a fuller gauge to measure the alignment of the triangular mount of the motorcycle on a flat surface. If there are parts that are not parallel, they must be repaired immediately. The way to fix a rocking motorcycle handlebar because of this problem is to go to an authorized repair shop. The holder will be pressed, so that its position can return to its original position. The last cause that can make the handlebar unstable is shockbreaker. There are two problems that can arise, first because the shockbreaker shifts and is not straight. Usually this first problem occurs because the motor has a hard impact. The second is the problem with the rubber pads that are not tight.

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