Why was Century Bank Saved?

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Why was Century Bank Saved? The Century Bank case seems to be rolling like a hot ball of fire. The rescue effort which is considered a way out of the problem by LPS on the recommendation of BI (Boediono) and approved by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia (Sri Mulyani) seems to be an endless debate. Basically there are only 2 options when it's save or close. The decision to bail out Bank Century as a rescue measure is not without a clear basis or reason. Bank Indonesia recommended that Century Bank should be rescued, because if it closed it would have a systematic impact, according to Budiono, who was then BI Governor. The systematic impact in this case, which in the sense of the Act (BI and LPS), is the failure of a bank which will have a chain effect on the national banking system in particular and the nation's financial system in general, which in turn has the potential to trigger an economic crisis.

Indover Bank also has cases or difficulties that are almost the same as Century Bank.

But why this 'funding' has been widely debated. 5 million (Rp 55 billion). Or the total national banking funds in Indover reached more than Rp. 1 trillion. It is certain that these funds are closely related to the livelihoods of many people. Unlike Century Bank, where most of its customers come from conglomerates, one of which is a state bank under Bank Indonesia operating in the Netherlands. Indover Bank also has cases or difficulties that are almost the same as Century Bank. The assets owned by both are almost the same. But the DPR and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani were reluctant to inject funds, so the bank was closed. Even though the bank is a state-owned bank that comes from state-owned banking funds such as BRI, Mandiri, BNI. At least the funds from BRI Budi Sampoerna and Murdaya Poo, and reportedly there is also a pension fund for American soldiers.

So that the rescue of Century Bank seems unfair when compared to Indover Bank, which incidentally belongs to the state, even though the liquidity assistance figure is ultimately the same, namely Rp. 6.7 trillion for Century owned by Robert Tantular and Rp. 7 trillion for Indover, which is owned by the Indonesian state. It turned out that in this case, LPS, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, and Boediono chose to save Century Bank rather than the "Indonesian state". From this, we can see that there are differences in decisions, perhaps because the 'network' of the cases is different or there are 'interests'. Then why did the DPR approve the proposal to 'rescue' Century Bank compared to Bank Indover? Because the DPR considers that it requires a large amount of funds to save Indover Bank, which is Rp. 7 trillion, which really sucks up state budget funds. If the funds needed are only 1-2 billion, it is possible to be saved. The DPR also believes that the closure of Bank Indover will not have a systemic impact as Budiono had feared. Because the funds in Indover are only around Rp. 10 trillion, it is very small compared to national banking funds which reach more than Rp. 1500 trillion. Century, 'only' needed funds of Rp 632 billion. Later, the DPR was only told that the bailout funds that had been issued were only Rp. 1.3 trillion.

Because the size and assets of Century Bank are almost the same as Indover Bank, the DPR's steps to save Century Bank with funds of around Rp. 1 trillion are still considered reasonable. However, there was a chain reaction of disbursement of larger funds. Bank Indonesia has given the wrong analysis. BI should have stated that the figure of Rp 632 billion was only the initial fund, which later had the potential to swell in the event of a large money rush. And it is proven, there was a large flow of funds in November - December 2008, so that in the end the rescue rate swelled to more than 1000%, namely Rp. 6.7 trillion. Then the question arose as to why a bank that had been robbed by its own owner was injected with large amounts of funds, then the facts emerged where such a large amount of funds had come from because until now, the small customers of the bank have been demonstrating to demand the return of their funds.

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