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V Drone Lost Signal Causes and Easy Ways to Fix

Motor, Propeller, ESC (Electronic speed controller), Battery, Camera and Radio transmitter receiver, in this article we will only discuss the cause of the drone's signal loss, namely on the radio

What is the Difference Between FWD and RWD

Both front and rear wheel drive cars have their advantages and disadvantages. JAKARTA - Vehicle owners must know the difference between FWD and RWD drive systems in their vehicles. This is because

What is T-Zone and U Zone

The use of moisturizer is really needed to help the skin stay healthy and moist throughout the day. Especially for those of us who live in areas with tropical climate conditions, where the weather is

Wow.. after the Dakar Rally and F1

Unlike the injection system motor gasoline discharge that can be adjusted electronically, determining the gasoline flow rate in the carburetor motor still needs to be done mechanically, aka

What is Wet and Dry Suit

The dry carburetor setting indicates the least volume of fuel entering the combustion chamber when compared to air. Vice versa, a wet carburetor setting means that the air volume is less than the

Are We TV and Iflix the same?

Hi Mi Fans, meet again with me, Irwan, it's been more than a year using Mi TV and a year, also the Corona virus is underwhelming, hopefully this pandemic will pass quickly. 3M Wear a mask, keep

What is the Difference Between Fungus and Eczema

Moldy skin and eczema in general can cause similar complaints to the naked eye. But if this is examined more deeply, actually moldy skin and allergic skin are different things. Fungal skin is a skin

What is Main Jet and Pilot Jet

In addition, there are also other commonly used terms, namely spuyer which comes from the Dutch language which means spray. So the question is, what does the spray have to do with the Pilot Jet and