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How long does it take to repair Komstir Motor

It's time to replace the Komstir if it's been tightened or reset, but it loosens up again in a short time. Now, for those of you who want to replace the komstir at an official workshop, the

How much does the BEAT Motorcycle Filter cost?

This is the price at the official workshop. Without having to be dismantled, the symptoms of a dirty air filter can be marked by decreased motor performance and more wasteful gasoline consumption. So

How long does Indosat 4G Card Upgrade take

Besides Telkomsel, one of the most well-known telecommunications service providers in Indonesia is Indosat. We are sure that some of you are currently using Indosat, or at least have used this

Does Citilink Use Boeing

However, aircraft maintenance continues to avoid damage. This was conveyed by VP Engineering & Maintenance of PT Citilink Indonesia Azwar Anas to detikcom through a zoom meeting some time ago. He

Why does the petrol engine keep dripping?

Please check this section first. If gasoline generally leaks from the tank due to rusted and porous parts, gasoline can still seep out if there are components that are problematic. On the motorcycle

Does Neo Bank Include Riba

In Indonesia, several neobank digital banks have been established. Such as Bank Jago, Allo Bank, Sea Bank, and Neo Bank. If we refer to the definition of digital bank above, then we can use

How long does PCX Motorcycle Battery charge last?

Generally, electric motors are equipped with chargers that are large and heavy when used. This Honda PCX Electric Charger is just a long cable with a two-legged power plug tip like an electric plug

How much does the HP glass break?

You may be wondering, how come the cellphone screen is broken, you don't have to replace it, so what about it? Blue? Throw away? Give alms? Block the door? Ohhhh NOOOOOOOOOOO, all wrong! But for

What does CIMB stand for?

CIMB Group (MYX: 1023) is the second largest financial services company in Indonesia listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange through Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Berhad (BCHB). In 2004, CIMB began the

When does the M11 Royale Pass expire

After Royale Pass Month 10 (RP M10) which carries the theme of Micro Battle, PUBG MOBILE now presents Royale Pass Month 11 (RP M11) titled Hidden Hunters, with a row of prizes that are certainly no

Why does the scalp look like it's crusty?

Cradle cap is a condition that causes scaly, crusty, or oily patches on the scalp. This disease does not cause pain or itching, but it can cause thick white or yellow scales on the scalp that are not

How long does it take to get rid of toenail fungus

Not only skin, nails can also be infected with fungi. In fact, it's more annoying and takes longer to heal than a fungal skin infection. This condition can be overcome with the use of nail fungus

How long does Asus BIOS update take

BIOS is an independent system on computers and laptops, where this system ensures that all installed hardware is functioning properly. In addition, the BIOS also manages several hardware settings

How Long Does Redmi Note 10 Pro Battery Last

March 2021 is a special moment for Xiaomi. The reason is, in that month, one of Xiaomi's flagship mobile phone series was born into the world. That's right, the phone in question is the Redmi

How much does a Honda Jazz cost?

Who does not know the Honda automotive vehicle brand? This one brand comes from Japan and produces and sells various automotive products ranging from cars, motorcycles, and so on. Many Indonesians

How much does Premium SMS cost

Reading Jockey Kuda's post this morning about his anger because of SMS messages from 9333 that suck up credit every day, inspired me to share this post. The SMS is called Premium SMS, and as the

How much does Redmi 9T cost?

Last February, Xiaomi Indonesia officially announced the specifications and prices of the Redmi 9T cellphone. Since then, Redmi 9T has always been the main choice for cheap cellphone seekers in